While nothing official has been announced, it’s looking more and more like middleweight Mark Munoz will mix it up with fellow All-American grappler Chris Weidman at a summer show. The latest hint at the probable pairing came in a recent interview with the “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” where he initially implied the bout was a done deal before catching himself and adjusting course.

“Yeah,” responded Munoz when asked about the unbeaten Weidman being his next opponent in a conversation with MMAInterviews. “Is it announced? I don’t think it’s announced. It’s not announced. There’s a lot of rumors floating around but, for me, I just want somebody that’s gonna get me a title-shot.”

“Personally I’ve done everything I can to get a title-shot and I’m gonna keep campaigning for that,” Munoz continued, turning talk to divisional gold rather than any specific adversary. “And I’m not a guy that’s gonna talk a lot of trash. I’m not like that. I let my actions take control inside the Octagon. I’m not gonna compromise who I am as a person to be able to get what I want, although I need to be more vocal…and I will, but at the same time I’m gonna let my fights do the talking.”

Another thing Munoz refuses to give into is drug use to gain a competitive edge on peers despite the increasing popularity of testosterone replacement therapy, especially by fighters similar in age to the 34-year old Californian.

“I think anything that’s synthetic that you put in your body is cheating…That stuff jacks you up when you’re done…I’m a family man, I have kids, I have a wife and I want to be there for them at the end. I think when you take PEDs or anything like that, it cuts your life short.”

“When it becomes like that, it’s almost hedonistic. It’s not a sport anymore. It becomes more than a sport and it shouldn’t be like that. There’s more important things in your life than that….I can stand in front of you 100-percent saying that I’ve never taken a drug in my life. And I’m going to keep doing that, and I’m going to win like that,” Munoz concluded.

Currently Munoz is still healing up from elbow surgery but expects to be back in late summer, mentioning a particular interest in the UFC on FOX card tentatively planned for 4 in Los Angeles.