Anyone expecting UFC President Dana White to remain calm and collected in the wake of news surrounding heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test has likely been living under a rock for the past few years. White, as passionate as any MMA fan, has never been one to bite his lip when he has an opinion to share and didn’t start with Overeem’s probably removal from a massively promoted main event in May.

“How f*cking stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who’s using right now is an absolute f*cking moron. It’s beyond, what’s the word I’m looking for, it’s beyond belief. It’s beyond comprehension. You’re an absolute moron, a brain dead absolute f*cking dummy. It goes beyond a guy having any common sense whatsoever,” said an animated White after learning about Overeem’s situation during a conference call with Canadian media (props to The Star Phoenix for the transcription).

“I am beyond pissed about this. The worst part is that he sat in front of us and lied to us,” continued White, alluding to Overeem’s past promises pertaining to his suspected abuse of steroids. Overeem’s positive hit for drug use this week involved an elevated level of testosterone in his system.

“It doesn’t look good, does it? It doesn’t look good,” White concluded on Overeem’s future in the UFC.

Overeem still has an opportunity to clear his name by facing the NSAC with his “B” sample returning a negative result. No word has surfaced from the UFC relating to how the Dutchman’s UFC 146 fight with Junior dos Santos will be handled though Frank Mir has expressed his willingness to fill in on late notice if necessary.