With less than 24 hours remaining before his featured fight at ONE FC: War of the Lions, rising lightweight star Eddie Ng (4-1) is pumped to once again be competing under the Asian promotion’s banner. On top of getting to fight in an ascending organization with the added buzz of PRIDE-like rules, Ng has a chance to fight an opponent he w thought to have a personal problem with – Jian Kai Chee. However, it turns out that may not be the case after all.

Five Ounces of Pain was able to catch up with the 26-year old in Singapore where the event takes place, getting some thoughts on the bout and his adversary in general.

5 OZ: How did your weight cut go?

Eddie Ng: Cutting weight is never fun, it’s the worse part about being a fighter but I have rehydrated and I feel fine and am going to be ready to go tomorrow night. I can’t wait!

You are becoming one of the superstars of Asian MMA. How do you feel about having so much attention?

EN: It’s pretty crazy really, seeing my photo on posters and billboards all over Singapore, it still doesn’t seem totally real to be honest. I’m so grateful to Chatri Sityodtong who is the Evolve MMA owner because he was the one that brought me to Singapore and believed in me as a fighter and that really made all of this possible. My life has changed beyond all recognition and I am training with world champions every single day. Evolve MMA is the best possible environment for any fighter to be in. If I can’t fulfill my potential here then I won’t be able to fulfill it anywhere.

You called Jian Kai Chee a ‘fake’ in a video interview. Why was that?

I never said that! It was edited to make it look like I had but I respect anyone who gets in the cage with me and he is no exception. He has very good Muay Thai and his losses have been to tough fighters. He’s a Muay Thai champion so you have to respect that. He has vey good stand up and he is a lot taller than me. I don’t view this as an easy fight in any way and I have been training very hard.

Do you have any predictions for this fight?

I’m going to win by Flying Triangle! No seriously I just want to win and hopefully put on a good show for the fans. A spectacular submission would be great but I am not going to go looking for it.

You won your last fight by KO with a punch from the guard, do you feel like your power is increasing?

I was probably the most surprised person in the stadium when I knocked him out. I just wanted to be aggressive and to land some punches but the last thing I was expecting was to knock him out with a punch from that position. The only time you hit someone hard with one of the small gloves on is when you are in an actual fight so you never really know what you are capable until you get in the cage. No one wants to fight for longer than they have to so if I can finish a fight with a big punch like that I am definitely going to try and do it.

The event is being streamed for free on YouTube. Will your family and friends in Hong Know be watching?

My family in Hong Kong will definitely be watching and I grew up in the North East of England and my parents are still there and I have lots of friends there and it will be about 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon so I think a lot of people will watch.

The fights are also repeated on ESPN Star Sports all the time. I never thought so many people would see me fight and the idea that a million people all over the world could be watching me tomorrow is kind of scary. Once the fight starts you shut all that out though and you don’t think about the crowd or how many people are watching or anything like that.  All I will be focused on is my opponent and I have had the best training camp possible at Evolve MMA and I know I am ready.


ONE Fighting Championship ‘War of the Lions’ is being streamed completely free of charge on the ONE FC YouTube channel. MMA fans from anywhere in the world* can catch the action featuring Tatsuya Kawajiri and Melvin Manhoef, as well as others, via: http://www.youtube.com/ONEFCmma.

Live streaming commences:

8:00 PM – Kuala Lumpur
1:00 PM – London
8:00 AM – New York City
5:00 AM – San Francisco

(Free live streaming is geo-blocked in Singapore and Japan)