22-year old welterweight Rory MacDonald has never come off as a boisterous individual, preferring to let his skills do the talking for him as evident in wins over respected veterans such as Nate Diaz and most recently Mike Pyle. However, the one blemish on his 12-1 record appears to still eat at MacDonald to the point the young Canadian has decided to let the world know he wants revenge as soon as possible.

“I know exactly how dangerous my next opponent Che Mills may prove to be on April 21, but, at the same time, I’m also planning on beating him within the scheduled distance and then beating Carlos Condit before the end of the year. I’m not looking past Che — I’m just confident, that’s all,” said the typically reserved MacDonald in his blog for SportsNet.CA.

MacDonald and Condit met June 2010 where “Ares” nearly outpointed his adversary to pull off a major upset before making a mistake leading to a TKO loss in the last ten seconds of the final frame. Now, with a little more experience under his belt and supreme self-assurance, MacDonald is certain he can wipe the mat with Mills and deliver a much different outcome against Condit than in their first affair.

“I’m not bragging, but I would take that same confidence into fights against pretty much all of the welterweight division right now. That is how much faith I have in my ability as a fighter,” explained MacDonald. “Pyle is a seasoned veteran, and a dangerous guy in his own right, but I knew he wasn’t in my league. So long as I show up and perform to the very best of my ability, these guys won’t be able to match me.”

In addition to having grown as a Mixed Martial Artist, the 12-1 teammate of welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, who acknowledged GSP would likely get first crack at Condit and beat him if close to 100% health-wise, is basing some of his self-belief on the interim title-holder’s performance against Nick Diaz in February.

“If they fought me the way they fought each other, it would not be a good night for either of them, I’m certain of that,” criticized MacDonald. “Yes, I know they can improve and I know they have both fought much better in the past, but, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got to try and show your best each and every time you step into that Octagon. I rate Nick and Carlos highly, but I don’t think they really brought it that night.”

“Given our history, I can’t see anything beyond a Condit rematch at this point in time,” he continued on “The Natural Born Killer. “I want that fight more than a title fight right now. Maybe one day it could even be for the full welterweight title, but, as of today, I’m just focusing on beating Mills on April 21 and then getting to Condit as soon as possible. I need that rematch to prove to myself and everybody else that what happened the first time around was a mistake and that I am the better fighter. It has to happen.”

The Mills-MacDonald match-up is set for UFC 145. The event is headlined by Jon Jones defending his light heavyweight belt against rival Rashad Evans.