Though short-lived MMA sensation Kimbo Slice hasn’t stepped into a cage since losing to Matt Mitrione in May 2010, the 38-year old is still actively fighting as a boxer with his latest in-ring performance coming over the weekend against Brian Green. In the bout, Slice ran his record to 4-0 with a knockout in the competition’s final seconds and likely avoided a decision loss in the process.

While the ending was certainly exciting to those with a less discerning eye, former UFC heavyweight Sean McCorkle felt the result was a little too good to be true, especially given the curious behavior of both men throughout the match.

“I mean I’m assuming it was supposed to be, but watching it I can’t believe that anyone is expected to believe that, that was a real fight. And not just the knockout at the end, which by the way was the worst acting I’ve seen outside of a Shaquille O’Neal movie. I mean the whole fight,” wrote McCorkle on The Underground. “Kimbo has either regressed considerably in his hand speed and technique since his UFC days, or he was only throwing at about 25% – 50% that entire fight. Not that he was ever any good to begin with, but that looked like extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY, light sparring.”

“That fight was faker than anything filmed during the 6-12 (can’t remember how many there are) Rocky movies,” McCorkle adding, putting a bottom line on the situation.

In the end, McCorkle stated he understood the need to market Slice in a certain way but bouts such as the one he witnessed over the weekend were an embarrassment to all combat sports. Also, if necessary to prove his point, he volunteered to face Slice at a future show where he would “knock his head off inside of the first two rounds.”

Watch video of the final frame from Slice’s win below and judge for yourself: