Pat Healy here, checking in once more for the final edition of this chapter of the Bam vs. Wild series. In it I’ll talk a little bit about my fight with Caros Fodor, then update you on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing since the fight.

Caros was a really powerful and strong, compacted puncher, and his ground and pound showed that too. That surprised me, but I probably should have known it after the Justin Wilcox knockout. Still, you never really know what it feels like until you’re in there with an opponent. He was just so compact and stout and could definitely throw some leather. He caught me with a good shot and I got a bit of a head buzz in the first round, but I was never dazed or in danger of the fight getting stopped or close to getting KO’d. Man, that win felt good!

I got six stitches after my fight, and I feel like I’m getting to know the doctor pretty well since he stitched me up after the last fight. Feels like we’re building some good rapport. The swelling in my nose has gone down, but it looks pretty crooked, at least a bit more than I’m used to. I took a hard knee in training around five weeks before the fight, and I’m pretty sure I’d broken it then. I had to sit out a lot from sparring, and when I got back into it I had to wear some headgear with a metal bar across the nose to protect it. I don’t know if I did it in training, or if it just got worse in the fight, but it looks pretty crooked and my breathing out of it isn’t very good. The first time I broke my nose was when I was 17, and I’ve never really been able to breathe out of it that well since, but it might be time to get it looked at, so I might go see somebody soon to see what they can tell me. I’ve never had anything done to it. I don’t know what they’ll say. I’m sure I’ve got a deviated septum, as I’ve never been able to breathe out of it properly after that first time it broke.

Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate were amazing. They both looked tough, and if there was any question of Ronda being able to go, well, she looked fit and in control enough to go onto the other rounds. She looked very impressive. Miesha impressed me too when she managed to take Ronda’s back in the middle of the round. It was much more than I was expecting, and both of them looked so impressive. You’ve got to think Ronda is right up there with some of the top fighters in the world. I don’t know about “Cyborg” Santos but that fight would be fun. “Cyborg” looks like she’s on a different level, but Ronda is too with her strength and the way she was moving around. I don’t know if that match-up will ever happen, but it’d definitely be cool if it does. However, Sarah Kaufman is next for Ronda. I think Sarah’s hands looked superb, and if she can keep the fight standing I think she’ll do great. That being said, I think Ronda might be a little too much for her on the ground and may get her there if it makes the difference in the fight. Kudos to Alexis Davis too. She definitely won a lot of fans that night on her toughness as far as coming back and giving Kaufman a good beating in the third round. She definitely impressed a lot of people, that’s for sure, myself included.

I was thinking about something. You know, I feel I’ve been the underdog every time I’ve gone out there for Strikeforce. From my very first fight, I think Strikeforce brought me in to lose to Bryan Travers because he was a rising star on a good streak. So I’ve felt a bit like they’ve had me against up and comers the whole time, but I’m okay with that you know? I think might make me a “gatekeeper” or whatever you want to call it, but I’m 5-1 in Strikeforce now, and six times I’ve been the underdog. I’ve proved the doubters wrong in every single fight but one. I don’t know what the future holds after this. It’s hard to argue Josh Thomson for the next title shot since he’s already beaten me, but I’d sure like to see what happens. If they feel like I need to fight somebody else I’d be happy to do that again. I’d love a rematch with Josh, especially if they have Gilbert Melendez fight someone else. In that scenario it seems like Josh and I would be the logical fight to make.

There have been some rumors of a crossover fight where somebody from the UFC comes and challenges Melendez. I think it would be really good for Strikeforce in general because people still look at us as a “second tier” organization. There is a large segment of “hardcore” fans that still don’t know a lot about us or if we even fight with the same rules as the UFC. It’s something that I get asked quite often actually – “Is Strikeforce the same rules as the UFC?” So I think anything that will bring some star power and eyes on Strikeforce would be good, especially to let people know that we’re legit. A crossover fight would be interesting for sure and I’m excited to see what might come of that.

Myself personally, I’m overall a different fighter than I used to be. I’d love if people could look at my career after I went to 155. That was a huge change for me. I think that’s the weight I should’ve been at the whole time. I was lazy and undisciplined with my diet. I would just eat whatever. I didn’t know what to eat or how to eat. I think a lot of it also changed when I moved back to Team Quest. When the IFL crumbled and I moved back to Quest, it really felt like home with coaches and teammates that cared about me. It was there that I really settled in and made some serious choices, like the days I’d start working short days and could get off to practice at 3:00. It was things like making choices not to work long hours and make sure I was in the gym five days a week. It might have been shortly after the first Ryan Ford fight now that I think about it.

Back to the present, after my win over Fodor all I was looking forward to after the fight was eating and Chicago, but all I did when I got back to the hotel was have a quick meal and went to bed. I knew I had to get up early to drive to Chicago which I did the next morning with my friend and corner man.

However, I definitely ate when I got to Chicago! From the North Side to the South Side to the West Side to everywhere and all different food spots. I definitely became a pig when it came to food. I was in Greek Town, Harold’s Chicken, Giovanni’s, you name it! I hit all the big spots. I wasn’t disappointed on that end of the trip for sure. If they call me for a fight tomorrow, I may definitely be a welterweight again, but hopefully I’ll have plenty of time to get back down before the bout.

I also got to see the Chicago Bulls play live and I’ve never sat closer. It was basically front row, but there were a couple of boundaries and a divider in front of that so I guess technically it was the third row? Regardless, it was awesome to be that close. We were right behind the bench, and I was close to give the players some tips if they needed it. Truly, it was good fun.

I then drove up to the St. Louis area to visit some of my old friends. It’s actually a town called Collinsville just outside of St. Louis. Anyways, I’ve got some friends from college and one of my regional coaches Steve Berger is still here. I went in and trained and rolled with him. It was great to see how far we’ve both come and to see some of the old guys and see how much they’ve improved. It was great, nearly being five years since the last time we’d gotten together.

That’s all from me for this final edition of Bam vs. Wild. Before I go, I’d like to thank A.C.T. Sports Drink and Dr. Steve at – I worked a lot with him leading up to the fight. He became a good friend and helped me get my mental game ready for the fight, and I look forward to continue working for him in the future. Thanks for Five Ounces of Pain for letting me do this again. I had a lot of fun! Until next time catch up with me on Twitter at @bambamhealy.