UFC President Dana White has finally caught up on his series of video blogs, releasing an entry with footage from UFC 144 and UFC on FX 2 as well as a look at TUF 15 and TUF Brasil.

While there are a number of moments from the UFC’s trip to Japan worth checking out, the vlog’s true highlight involves White stewing backstage after an official at UFC on FX 2 miscalculated the score of a flyweight tournament bout between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson, costing the organization a chance to conduct a “sudden victory” round instead of errant awarding Johnson the victory.

Discussing the situation with McCall, an angry White states, “Talk about the officiating ruining our f*cking shows again. I mean I don’t know how many f*cking times I can say it. So this is good for you, my brother. Good for you, bad for us, bad for tonight, bad for the f*cking sport…it’s a f*cking draw. You didn’t lose the fight. It should’ve gone (to a) fourth round.”

A bewildered McCall responds casually, saying, “Sh*t happens,” while wondering about the possibility of being paid a win bonus.

On the flip-side, when informed of the circumstances Johnson is understandably less thrilled after having celebrated what he thought was a win and attached title-shot.

“The good news is I’m f*cking thrilled. Here’s the bad news which sucks for me, sucks for the sport, sucks for you…the judges scored it a Draw. The fight was a Draw and when they gave it back to the guy from the commission he f*cking added it wrong,” White says, empathizing with the disappointed Johnson. “He added it wrong and the fight is a f*cking draw. There is nothing worse for me than to f*cking bring a guy back to the room and tell you this, you know what I mean, when you’re looking forward to moving on to the title-fight.”

“You guys showed what this weight division was all about tonight and you looked f*cking awesome,” adds at the end, finishing on a positive note.

Watch the complete vlog below for the above-exchange, Norifumi Yamamoto humbly apologizing to White after racking up another loss, a discussion on the questionably sharp UFC lightweight title, and much more: