Let the fun begin!

Less than a week after making a fairly smooth live debut this past Friday night it looks like the Ultimate Fighter 15 has hit its first snag. While details are still sketchy and undoubtedly destined to emerge when the show returns in a few days with another “real time” event, the situation was at last bad enough to force UFC President Dana White to readjust his schedule.

“Just landed in Vegas from TUF Brazil and something bad has already happened on TUF here so on my way to the training center,” White wrote earlier on Twitter.

Past incidents meriting an impromptu visit from White have included fighters leaving the show, physical altercations between contestants, and serious injuries requiring a replacement.

UPDATE: Though it is not know if either of these pertains to the issue White is referring to news has surfaced stating contestant Michael Chiesa‘s father passed away over the weekend from leukemia, while victorious fighter Jeremy Larsen was listed by the NSAC as being suspended medically until April 9 with no contact until March 31.

TUF 15 airs at 9:00 PM EST every Friday night with highlights from the previous week of taping as well as a live fight between two contestants.