It’s been awhile since fans have gotten an update regarding UFC welterweight Nick Diaz’s status pertaining to a failed drug test in Nevada possibly resulting in disciplinary action against the polarizing pugilist. As many know, shortly after losing a closely contested decision to Carlos Condit it was revealed Diaz’s sample had shown “marijuana metabolites” in his system indicating he’d smoked pot leading up to the bout.

While Diaz has never hidden his use of cannabis, he typically tests clean by abstaining from it for the final period leading up to a bout. However, according to a statement Diaz’s lawyer submitted to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the 28-year old may not even need to go that far based on the way the NSAC policy is written.

‘Nick Diaz is an authorized medical marijuana patient,” began Ross Goodman in the document (per MMAWeekly). “As such, he did not test positive for marijuana (which is viewed as a prohibited substance if used without a medical marijuana license). Rather, Mr. Diaz tested for the presence of the inactive metabolite of marijuana known as THC-Carboxylic Acid. Under Nevada law and in Mr. Diaz’s home state of California, however, neither marijuana nor marijuana metabolite is considered a prohibited substance for users of medical marijuana.”

“Marijuana consumption (done) ‘out of competition’ and marijuana metabolites in general, such as the detection of Carboxylic Acid in Mr. Diaz’s post fight urine test, do not violate the policy prohibiting substances that are considered performance enhancing or potentially dangerous,” Goodman continued, making a convincing case against the notion of Diaz being disciplined under the current circumstances.

Up next, Diaz’s camp will have to wait while the NSAC reviews the six-page submission with a meeting to address the matter possibly taking place in April.