If you thought popular light heavyweight Quinton Jackson was done taking the UFC to task on Twitter, you thought wrong. “Rampage” was back at it again this morning where he elaborated more on his displeasure with the world’s foremost MMA promotion and gave some insight into what he had planned next.

“Let me clear things up for my fans…I’m upset cause I’ve been fighting hurt for a few years now cause I have kids and for ya’ll,” wrote Jackson. “The UFC knew I was hurt and almost every fight I was hurt, but instead of saying thanks for not pulling out they talk sh*t about a poor job I did. I never missed weight, but when I do, nobody stops for a second to ask if I was hurt.”

Jackson spoke some about the financial side of things, changing his tune in terms of his problem with what he was being paid based on the hit his bank account will likely take by leaving.

“I’m not complaining about money cause I’m about to make a lot less money now, but at least the people I fight for will appreciate what I do for MMA,” said the former light heavyweight champion.

The upset 33-year old also added he hadn’t been happy with matchmaking either, seeking opponents who want to fight rather than score points.

“Why? So I can keep being under-promoted and given leg-humpers who just want to take me down all the time instead of havin a show,” Jackson asked a fan who plead for him to reconsider his stance. Jackson’s previous opponent, Ryan Bader, scored a decision victory in large part based on his high-level grappling rather than beating Jackson in any other phase of the fight.

As far as what he has planned next, Jackson said his immediate focus would be on getting healthy, possibly returning to Hollywood after his success with The A-Team, and then looking at his in-ring options in terms of a future match-up.