A grudge-match has been quietly brewing over the past week featuring UFC welterweights Erick Silva and Mike Pierce. Things kicked off on Twitter when Pierce began publicly lobbying for a Brazilian opponent, insulting the country’s competitors as a whole rather than calling any opponent out directly.

“WANTED: No work ethic, no cardio, terrible striking, and limited ground game. Brazilians, please send fight applications to (matchmaker) Joe Silva,” stated Pierce, after having previously written, “Are there any Brazilians at 170 our did they all bump up to 185? Looking for an easy fight.”

While Pierce didn’t target any specific individual through his insults, rising star Silva apparently was less than pleased by the remarks and is hoping to shut the 31-year old’s mouth this summer when the UFC heads to Sao Paolo.

Silva, who recently said he wanted to knock a wrestler out (which Pierce is by trade), confirmed this weekend that he’ll be fighting on the June card.

“UFC told us that and any opponent is welcome, but those who say bad things about Brazil should pay and that’s Mike Pierce. It’s a match-up that pleases us. We’re waiting for UFC to say ‘ok’,” said Silva’s manager, Walid Ismail, in a conversation with TATAME.

Pierce holds an overall record of 13-5 and is coming off a Split Decision defeat to Josh Koscheck many felt he deserved the nod in. The 13-2 Silva was last seen taking part in an equally controversial ending after what appeared to be a TKO win at UFC 142 was turned into a disqualification loss based on strikes the referee felt were to the back of opponent Carlo Prater’s head.