The past few weeks have been one of the more memorable periods for UFC light heavyweight Quinton Jackson, just not for the right reasons. The popular fighter’s strange run began in late February when he came in overweight for a bout against Ryan Bader at UFC 144. Not only did Jackson end up coming up short on the scorecards in the match-up but admittedly afterwards he’d opted to use testosterone injections as a means of helping him heal from an injured knee.

Were that not enough, Jackson came out last week to express his extreme frustration with the UFC, stating he felt he was underpaid and that the company as a whole was a negative environment. “Rampage” even went so far as to say his next fight inside the Octagon would be his final appearance inside the infamous eight-sided cage.

Jackson was back at it again last night on Twitter, this time seeking his immediate release rather than returning to compete under the promotion’s banner one more time.

“I’m hoping the UFC just lets me go so I can do my thang. They took my love of fighting after the Forrest fight,” an animated Jackson wrote on the social networking site. “The UFC makes billions off us all over the world and pay us chump change! Boxers are boring but making buckets of money. THINK!”

For the record, Jackson earned $250,000 in base salary for his loss to Jon Jones at UFC 135 with a similar tag likely attached to his services against Bader (though no figures have been released for the event).

The 33-year old did not elaborate further on what had happened after his 2008 defeat to Forrest Griffin to taint his “love of fighting”. Less than two weeks after the match-up Jackson was arrested for a series of felonies stemming from a hit-and-run filled tear in California said to be the result of delirium brought on by a lack of sleep combined with energy drinks.