Typically when talk surfaces surrounding a Mixed Martial Artist abandoning his/her divisional home the focus is on dropping down as a means of obtaining a competitive advantage from a size/strength standpoint. That being said, with UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz already pushing the limits of 135 due to his 5’8” frame, it looks like “The Dominator” could be looking to pack on some pounds at some point in the future.

The 26-year old discussed the possibility in a recent interview with FoxNews where laughed off the notion of slimming down for flyweight, though in terms of fighting at 145, said, “It could happen. I’m not going to turn that (idea) down,” before adding, “But right now I’m happy where I’m at. This is my best competition weight and I’m having the most success here. And I think there are plenty of guys coming up in the division that can challenge any position. Can they beat me? No but they can challenge.”

Possible future contenders for the bantamweight belt could include surging stars like Mike Easton and Renan Barao. However, before Cruz can concern himself with either he has to take care of business against rival Urijah Faber on TUF 15 as well as inside the Octagon this summer when the two tussle for Cruz’s title. In fact, Cruz isn’t so sure their eventual match-up will even mark the last time he has to deal with “The California Kid”.

“I mean I doubt it. Let’s keep it real. The guy never stops talking, he never shuts up,” Cruz playfully responded. “It’s probably not the last time I’ll hear about it. He’ll never quit whining. It is what it is.”

Cruz-Faber will face off tonight on FX when TUF 15 debuts at 9:00 PM EST before coaching opposing squads for thirteen weeks on the popular reality show.