UFC lightweight Frankie Edgar isn’t backing off of his stance regarding a potential drop down to 145 pounds after losing his title to Benson Henderson last weekend at UFC 144. While “The Answer” is open to making the move at some point in the future, he’ll only do so when he feels comfortable with the change rather than when fans, media members, or even Dana White want him to make it.

“I’m saying it, and I’m saying it loud – I want my rematch,” said Edgar as a guest this week on The MMA Hour. “I’m not going to have these antics or play these games. I’m telling you want I want. This is what I want. I think it’s fair. I think the fans want to see it. It was Fight of the Night.”

Though the five-round fight saw Henderson emerge as the winner on the judges’ scorecards, many who watched things unfold (including White) felt Edgar deserved the nod despite his battered physical appearance. While some fans are no doubt opposed to Edgar getting a rematch, especially after having his eye and nose busted up pretty badly, the 30-year old former champion explained why his critics would likely enjoy the second scrap, stating, “Listen, even if these guys want to see me get beat up, I do get beat up in a lot of my fights, even in the fights I win, so it’s win-win for everybody.”

“I think the rematch makes sense on several levels,” he continued. “Not only can UFC be good guys, I think I earned it. Economically, they’ve been investing money in me. I’ve been at the helm of this weight class for two years now. I think it just makes sense for them and obviously for me. Let’s do it.”

“I’m staying at 155. This is where I’m at right now. I still feel like I got a run left. I still want that title back,” Edgar concluded on the topic.

The UFC has not announced their plans for Henderson yet, only mentioning the possibility of rematch with Edgar or Anthony Pettis who took “Bendo” out in memorable fashion at WEC’s final show in 2010.