Like his father, UFC Hall of Fame fighter Randy Couture, lightweight Ryan Couture is known as one of the “nice guys” in Mixed Martial Arts. However, when it comes to his clash with Conor Heun this Saturday night at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey the younger Couture knows he’ll have to tap into his dark side in order to put his opponent away.

“I figure at this point, with the way things are moving, there’s no more easy fights,” explained Couture in an interview with the UFC’s website. “I think from a technical standpoint I match up fairly well with Conor. I think we’ve got a lot of similar skills we bring to the table. Obviously, I think the biggest thing he brings to the table that no one else really does is his mental toughness. You’ve got to kill him to get him out of there, and I think that presents an interesting puzzle, but I’m really looking forward to trying to solve that puzzle and find a way to come out with the win.”

Because of Heun’s tenacity, a characteristic fans witnessed in the 32-year old’s last outing when he endured an extremely deep Armbar attempt to weather the storm and pick up a Unanimous Decision win, Couture knows he’ll have to take it a step further if the opportunity presents himself.

“I think I have to expect to fight fifteen grueling, hard, miserable minutes, and if the finish comes, great, but I don’t really expect that. I know he’s someone who is willing to let me break his arm or choke him unconscious, so that just means I have to be a hundred percent willing to break his arm,” said Couture. “If I latch on to something, I just gotta go for it because I know he’s not gonna stop until it’s broken or he gets out. So I might as well not give him the option to get out. I have to have that killer instinct.”

Fans can catch Heun-Couture as part of the preliminary portion of this weekend’s card, set to be broadcast at 8:00 PM EST on Showtime Extreme along with other bouts such as Sarah Kaufman-Alexis Davis and Pat Healy-Caros Fodor. The event’s featured fights start at 10:00 PM EST including the headlining title tilt on Showtime between champ Miesha Tate and unbeaten challenger Ronda Rousey.