British welterweight Dan Hardy recently received a rare opportunity by maintaining his spot on the UFC’s roster despite a quartet of consecutive losses and plans to take full advantage of it when he faces Duane Ludwig at UFC 146. Not only will Hardy enter the bout with the perspective of having endured an exceptionally rough patch professionally but will do so angry this time around.

Hardy discussed his mindset in an interview with ESPN where he explained, “I’ve got the anger back that I used to have when I was at Cage Warriors, which is a good place to be because that’s when I enjoyed hurting people.”

“The Outlaw” rose to notoriety in the U.K. promotion, racking up 12-1 record under the CWFC banner. However, it was in part that success that led to his downfall in the UFC after his popularity prevented him from taking the necessary steps to keep improving as a fighter.

“I spent my whole career trying to get to the UFC, but then a lot of changes in my life, personal things and the media attention – it distracted me from being a Mixed Martial Artist,” admitted the 29-year old Hardy who went on to say his training suffered as a result.

With a new camp in place, as well as the humility of four straight stumbles, Hardy feels he’s made the necessary adjustments and expects the results to show on May 26 when he meets Ludwig inside the Octagon.