After a break including a huge trip to China I’m glad to be back at Five Ounces of Pain blogging, this time leading into my fight against Caros Fodor at this weekend’s Strikeforce event.

Knowing Strikeforce is back for 2012 is a big weight off my shoulders due to the job security. By having Zuffa come in and take Strikeforce over, and seeing how they run an organization, it’s obvious they’re good at what they do and it’s such a well oiled machine. The difference in communication before/after is night and day. You wouldn’t hear anything from them for six months,and then they’d call you and say “You’re fighting in a month.” It was four of five different guys trying to run the show, whereas now, with Sean Shelby and Scott Coker, it’s pretty cut and dry. It’s hard to see Strikeforce going anywhere but up right now the way things are.

Coming into the fight, I’m the lowest weight I’ve ever been at this point this close. I’m less than ten pounds over, maybe nine and some change. That’s really good for me and I’m thinking I’m only going to have to “cut” maybe 5-6 pounds before weigh-ins. That right there is a pretty exciting prospect. I’ve got things down pretty well now. This is my seventh fight at 155 so it just gets easier and easier.

Last week, I really picked up my water intake, trying to drink two gallons of water a day. It really fills you up and keeps things moving through your body. Over the next week, I’m going to keep it similar to what I’ve been doing by eating clean. I eat six times a day with three bigger meals and three smaller meals. It keeps my body burning stuff. I’ve been using a nutritionist named Troy Sudar from and he’s been great. I’ve also added some stuff from the Dolce Diet too because Mike has got some meal options that are really good. As this week progresses, I’ll just make my portions smaller and smaller. With the weigh-ins on Friday I’ll try and do a flush where I’ll try to drink five gallons of water. It just flushes you completely out and you’ll lose 4 -5 pounds. From there, you really cut back that last day and don’t eat a lot before clean, like a lot of spinach and some really small meals. I try to make it so that I only do one weight cut overall.

My fight camp has been great as well. My last fight against Maximo Blanco was on short notice and I had a full camp this time. I’m always in the gym and never stop training really, but with a full camp you really get good time to focus fully on your opponent (as opposed to focusing on just your skills.) With Fodor, I got to watch a lot of tapes to see what he does and try to put some good training or thoughts in my head every time I go to train and really tailor my style to do what I want to do. It’s just so nice to be able to focus on a guy for a full camp.

After my fight with  Blanco, I went to China for six weeks to train some up and comers. Although I went out there to train those guys, I picked up a lot of stuff from them. San Shou is really not a style that many people are familiar with outside of Cung Le. It uses some really interesting kicks and is just a really slick style. I learned a lot from them and a lot of how they were training, so I was able to implement that into my training. I have a little bit of limitation because of my flexibility (or lack thereof lol) but it’s something I’ve been working on since China and I think I’m going to be able to mix it up quite well and keep Fodor guessing.

My brother Ryan is preparing for a fight too. It really helps that we’re both training at the same time. We spar really well together and we’ve been doing a lot of stuff that I brought back from China. He was working a lot off the speed mitt style that Floyd Mayweather does and we’ve been able to mix that all together. We just always seem to be on the same page. We’re able to build with each other, and I think it’s extremely handly. When I head to Columbus he’s staying behind to train. It’s alright though. I’ve got Matt Lindland with me, and he’s my right hand man and someone I prefer having in my corner. I know Ryan would love to be there, but he doesn’t need the added stress of being at the show having to corner me not to mention it’s an awkward feeling to have to do that for your brother.

Before I go, I’ve got to say a bit about my Portland Trail Blazers as we come out of the All-Star Break. They’re going to turn it up in the second half. Their problem is their inconsistency. Some nights they look great and the next night, they just don’t seem to put it together. I see them coming together this second half though. Nate MacMillan is a great coach, and he’s really trying to get that chemistry back going. Joel Przybilla is coming back and truly, I love the Vanilla Gorilla and the way he plays. He’s actually a big MMA guy too. He’s trained with Lindland a little bit, and trained with Duke Roufus too. I think they can finally make it out of the first round of the playoffs this year. Their guards are stepping up, and I see them putting things together now. We can’t keep doing this thing where we ride in the back and barely make it in and get put up against the #1 seed. I think a lot of that depends on how consistent they get their play going. But I’ve got faith. It’s Rip City all the way here!

Let’s do this again soon, maybe from Columbus next week. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter at @BamBamHealy.