Welterweight king Georges St. Pierre was a recent guest on UFC Ultimate Insider where he discussed a number of topics including his knee, Nick Diaz, and interim champion Carlos Condit. In typical form GSP remained cool, calm, and collected except when it came to the topic of Diaz who he still has a strong desire to duke it out with. However, with the Stockton scrapper sticking to his statements regarding retirement it appears the match-up may never materialize.

“The thing with Nick, he thinks he’s better than me. I think I’m better than him. I’m sure sooner or later we’ll have a chance to do it,” said a hopeful St. Pierre. “Fighting, that’s what he does best. He should not retire. He’s in his prime. I’m asking personally for him to not retire. For the fans, for me, and also for himself…let’s do it. It has to be done.”

Still, St. Pierre knows Diaz is not next in line for him no matter what, adding, “But before that I need to get back to the title. I need to fight Carlos, the #1 guy. Carlos did an amazing job fighting (Diaz). He’s an incredible martial artist. And for me, to go fight him…I take that fight as a great honor. Without a doubt he’s the best fighter that I will meet in my entire career.”

Condit earned his crack at St. Pierre’s linear title by outpointing Diaz at UFC 143. As far as when their in-ring meeting will actually take place, St. Pierre is still targeting the final quarter of 2012 for his comeback but doesn’t want to rush things, risking a setback that might sideline him for even longer or worse.

“I feel very good. I’m ahead of schedule,” explained St. Pierre. “I feel sometimes I want to do a little bit more but even though I feel good my graft is not fused properly…100%. So I need to remain calm. The danger with a lot of athletes is to push through the pain and try to go too fast (but) if I do so I might loosen up the graft and I might have to start the whole process all over again. And I don’t want to do that.”

Check out the full interview with GSP below: