While most see Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Part Deux as a foregone conclusion, as clear cut as the matchmaking may be the UFC has yet to announce an actual bout between the rival middleweights has been signed. Even Sonnen went on record last week to say he has yet to actually be offered the fight despite hearing from multiple sources it’s essentially a done deal.

One of the things holding up the highly anticipated pairing from taking place appears to be Silva’s health. Though the dynamic Brazilian has returned to training since injuring his shoulder and back, the 36-year old Silva (who turns 37 in April) recently admitted he still isn’t close to 100%.

“I’m always doing some BJJ training in a gi with the guys so I keep everything well-adjusted, but due to the injuries to my shoulder/back I’m a little slow,” confessed Silva in an interview with Sherdog. “I’m doing physical therapy and nursing it enough so when I’m really back training there aren’t any injuries that hinder me.”

“You reach a certain age where you don’t heal as fast so you have to take your time,” he continued. “I don’t want anything to be wrong when I come back to the real hard training. I’ll continue doing physical therapy until the pain goes away and I’ll keep up the workouts.”

The UFC has targeted June for the title-fight between champion Silva and challenger Sonnen giving “The Spider” another six weeks to heal up before starting a full blown camp.