There’s little argument in the MMA community about the impact a fighter’s mental state can have when it comes to success inside the cage. As is the case in most walks of life, those who have a high level of confidence tend to win while less secure athletes stumble.

Tonight’s UFC on Fuel 1 main event between Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez will feature two men cut from a similar mold who will both enter the Octagon supremely self-assured based on their past accomplishments and dedication to greatness.

Ellenberger recently elaborated on his mindset in an interview with the UFC’s website where he explained, “Fighting is such a mental game; it’s all about confidence. If you truly believe you can become a world champion, it’s going to happen. If you don’t, and you doubt it, for sure it’s not going to happen. I completely believe I will become world champion — I just don’t know when it’s going to be.”

With the future typically hazy in MMA, especially when it comes to the UFC’s current welterweight scene, Ellenberger makes sure not to look too far down the road instead of at the challenge directly in front of him.

“For now, I’ve really just tried to focus on one fight at a time, control what I can control, and move forward with each fight. I’m in no hurry. I’m young, and I’m still learning — I’m learning every day — so I’m just focused on Diego,” said the 26-year old Ellenberger.

In terms of how he envisions their headliner playing out, Ellenberger appeared unconcerned about Sanchez’s skill-set based on “The Juggernaut” having trained with some of the sport’s top guys in preparation for the pairing at Reign Training Center and Kings MMA.

“I feel like I can win this fight anywhere that it goes, and I’m prepared to fight the whole time,” revealed the 26-5 Ellenberger. “It kind of goes back to that confidence — I’ve been fighting against some of the best Muay Thai guys and some of the best wrestlers in the world every day, so I’m confident that there’s nothing he’s going to bring that I don’t see everyday or haven’t seen before, truthfully.”

“I’ve prepared for the long, grueling, not fun fight, but that’s how we do it, you know? That’s what we train for,” he concluded. “I know I’m going to win this fight. I can’t tell you when and how, but I will leave with my hand raised, there’s no doubt about that.”

Catch Sanchez-Ellenberger as part of the show’s featured broadcast on Fuel TV tonight at 8:00 PM EST with preliminary action on Facebook at approximately 6:15 PM EST. Fans without Facebook access or simply wanting to brush up on some great fights can also watch Sanchez in some of his most-memorable scraps on Spike TV starting at 7:00 PM EST.