Almost a month ago to the day he first announced his possible retirement from Mixed Martial Arts after injuring his back, UFC lightweight Kenny Florian is still feeling the effects of his herniated disc and no closer to knowing whether or not he’ll ever fight again.

The 35-year old Florian, who celebrates a birthday in May, addressed his condition as recent guest on Sherdog Radio where he explained, “I want to be able to train like I was before…If I’m not able to do that, if I can’t do two times a day or whatever, can’t keep a training schedule like that, I’m not going to compete. My health isn’t worth it. I’m someone that when I want to do something, I want to do it 100 percent.”

Florian continued by saying he is still able to work out to an extent but is still extremely limited, stating, “Sometimes I’ll try to push it a little bit and find out that my back definitely isn’t close to 100 percent. It’s tough. It’s been very, very frustrating just because I’m doing such limited work — training — from what I was doing before.”

Currently Florian has served as one of the core players on Fuel TV’s UFC programming including his role as a co-host on UFC Tonight. The former lightweight/featherweight title-contender holds an overall record of 16-7 with fourteen wins inside the Octagon.