Decorated heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem isn’t expected to face UFC title-holder Junior dos Santos until late May but it appears the hard-hitting Dutchman already has his strategy in place, recognizing flaws in the Brazilian boxer’s game he feels he can exploit to the point of victory.

The 31-year old “Demolition Man” recently addressed the upcoming bout in an interview with MMAFightCorner where he gave Dos Santos credit but only up to a certain point, saying, “I believe he’s a great fighter. I believe he’s got great hands, great boxing. He’s a clever fighter and has a great team around him,” before adding, “Every fight style has holes. Dos Santos has them too. I don’t want to give away the surprise, but you’re going to see it.”

“The game plan is good to go. I already know how to beat him,” Overeem continued on the subject of Dos Santos. “It’s just a matter of training and getting my body and mind in the 100% condition that it needs to be in and it’s going to turn out perfectly-just fine.”

As far as who he might face later in the year once he presumably gets by Dos Santos, Overeem was asked if he was partial to a potential pairing against top contender Frank Mir as opposed to Cain Velasquez (rumored to be fighting this summer).

“I don’t have a preference,” replied Overeem. “I’ll fight anybody they put in front of me. I’m a fighter, I want to fight a lot. That being said, I’m also ready to beat anybody.”

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta was quoted last week on Twitter as saying the organization was attempting to have Dos Santos defend his belt at the annual Memorial Day Weekend event in Las Vegas, this year’s being UFC 146 on May 26.