The plot has thickened concerning the on again, off again rematch between welterweights Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission has confirmed at least one athlete who fought at UFC 143 tested positive for a banned substance.

While nothing has surfaced where specifics are concerned, it has been rumored that Diaz may have been popped for THC, the active drug in marijuana, again as he did once before in Las Vegas five years ago after a bout with Takanori Gomi. However, his status is little more than speculation at this point.

What is certain is that details are set to emerge later today in a follow-up email from the NSAC while some remaining tests are done.

If Diaz is the fighter in question it might explain his manager/trainer Cesar Gracie’s recent statements saying a rematch with Condit is off despite UFC President Dana White announcing it had been agreed to verbally.