Middleweight Tim Kennedy has endured some of the harshest conditions known to mankind as a Special Forces sniper with numerous tours of duty in hot-zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. However, when it comes to what he’s put up with since deciding to fully focus on his MMA career, the 32-year old isn’t sure he can take much more.

Kennedy, signed to Strikeforce, has only fought twice a year since 2009 and hasn’t been seen in the cage since July when he beat Robbie Lawler. With the exception of a minor injury issue forcing him out of an expected fight with Luke Rockhold, Kennedy has not only been ready to compete but actively lobbing for an opportunity to do so. Unfortunately his pleas have for the most part fallen on deaf ears, a byproduct of Strikeforce officials being preoccupied with their own organizational issues.

Regardless, the situation as a whole has now worn Kennedy down to the point he’s considering other career options, a point he expressed in a telling conversation with MiddleEasy.

“I’m getting real sick of this MMA scene right now. Waiting around for fights and the politics between Strikeforce and Showtime and the UFC and Zuffa. I’m just kind of getting over it, man. I miss the simplicity of life as a soldier,” said Kennedy. “So, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want to do. I have some extreme survival and athlete type shows possibly going and, so, I don’t know, man, I don’t know. It’s going to be a curious year. I haven’t fought in…months. Now it will be a year before my next fight. A year lay off, and not by choice. I was out two weeks with an injury in a twelve month time frame? It’s shenanigans. If my job is to fight and I only get a fight once every twelve months I can’t afford to keep fighting. I gotta do something else, I have to figure it out.”

Kennedy is also understandably in tune with world news, particularly related to potential conflict in the world, and sees the distinct possibility of having to return to the battlefield full time depending on how messy things get between Israel-Iran in the coming months. Though the bulk of his attention is still on Mixed Martial Arts his mind is still very aware of how numbered his days in the sport may be whether by choice or otherwise.

“Fight-wise, I’m training my butt off. I’m supposed to fight Luke Rockhold when his hand is better. I would fight him next week if his hand was better. I’m training as if I have a fight in two months, even though I know he just got his cast off,” explained the candid Kennedy of his present circumstances. “Is my focus going to be shifting (to military duties)? Uh, not yet. It may be a little premature. I’m still going to be training a lot with my unit. I’m still working on a lot. But no. Day to day not much will change, it’s just always going to be on mind as to what I’m doing with my time.”

The 14-3 Kennedy has won six of his last seven scraps including his last two with the lone exception being a closely contested decision loss to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. He has never been cleanly finished in his career, another testament to his toughness and potential, losing due to a cut in his MMA debut with the other stumble a subsequent outpointing to Jason Miller in 2007.