While countless individuals may be impressed with what they’ve seen thus far from unbeaten Olympic judoka Ronda Rousey, one person who won’t be found among them is Strikeforce bantamweight champ Miesha Tate. Tate defends her belt against Rousey on March 3 in the main event of a stacked Strikeforce lineup where the 25-year old plans to drag “Rowdy” Ronda into deep waters when they face off to see how she reacts to an actual fight rather than an quick submission win.

“I just want to frustrate her. I want to push her outside that minute and make her second-guess and wish she never wanted to take this fight,” said Tate while serving as a guest on Inside MMA. “I have yet to see Ronda actually fight. I’ve seen her go out there and do her judo or what not but she hasn’t ever brought a fight and that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna make this a fight.”

Though Rousey is 4-0 no opponent has lasted more than 49 seconds with her, leaving her cardio as being somewhat of a mystery.

“Not to mention the weight cut,” Tate added. “This is his first drop to 135. Also, (there’s a) no-pound allowance. That’s going to change her body dynamics. The way she’s used to throwing people and having that weight behind her is gonna change.”

In terms of the trash-talk from Rousey, Tate explained it motivates her when she hears it but for the most part she has her upcoming adversary tuned out.

“I don’t really listen to much of anything Ronda says. I don’t watch her interviews,” stated Tate on the topic. “I get a little bit of that drift that comes through Twitter…half the time I really honestly think it makes her sound like an idiot. That’s just being brutally honest. I think she’s pretty delusional.”

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