With mutual respect being shown between the welterweight headliners at UFC 143 the trash-talking has been left to 170ers Josh Koscheck and Mike Pierce, two wrestlers by trade who have shown some power while standing as well. Things over boiled over at yesterday’s weigh-ins when Pierce, wearing a blonde wig to mock Koscheck’s trademark tresses, went nose-to-nose with Koscheck forcing UFC officials to step in and separate the two.

The heated adversaries have been at it at some time, a situation starting when Pierce called Koscheck out online after the American Kickboxing Academy’s original opponent (Carlos Condit) was moved to a main event match-up with Nick Diaz. The newly created rivals spoke about one another last week at the open workouts for tonight’s event where, as you might suspect, flattery was not on the menu.

“I didn’t really know who this guy was when I agreed to fight him,” said Koscheck when asked about Pierce. “I remember he fought Jon Fitch but not too well. I think I remember that fight, he didn’t get anything going until the very last minute. I know he called me out, so he must think he can win… but they all think that until I punch them in the face.”

“Josh Koscheck knows who I am,” Pierce replied to the assertion. “He’s pretending he doesn’t because he is Josh Koscheck and that’s what he does: he acts like this all the time. He’s a bit of a jerk and that’s his personality and that’s just who he is and what gets him noticed.

“I hope he is overlooking me because Jon Fitch beat me,” he continued. “That was two years ago and I am a much better fighter now and, for that fight, I had a family issue to take care of which distracted me. I hope Josh is underestimating me, but I doubt it. I’ve been waiting and trying for an opportunity like this for years.”

Ultimately, Koscheck made it clear he doesn’t care who he’d paired against as long as his check from the UFC clears, meaning his verbal jabs at Pierce aren’t necessarily as personal as the 13-4 grappler is taking them.

“I get paid the same whether I am fighting Mike Pierce or Carlos Condit, so I don’t care who I fight,” bottom-lined Koscheck. “I am a gold digger, I fight for money. You’d be a dumb SOB to fight for free but I do enjoy my job and I fight my ass off. I have a big mouth and I don’t want to lose and I want to look good out there.”

See walks the walk tonight when Pierce-Koscheck fight on PPV at 10:00 PM EST with Facebook/FX prelims starting three hours earlier.

Check out video of the weigh-in exchange below: