With UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre out until late 2012 while rehabbing an injured knee a question has surfaced surrounding the future of the division’s interim belt, a prize being fought over this weekend at UFC 143 between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. Given the six-month minimum before St. Pierre is ready to train at full speed again, will Diaz-Condit defend the title before having a chance to claim undisputed status by facing GSP?

According to Diaz’s manager and head trainer, Cesar Gracie, the answer is “no”

Gracie, who was careful to speak in hypothetical terms rather than disrespect Condit by assuming Diaz would exit with a victory,

“If we’re fortunate and we win this fight, I would advise Nick to not take another fight before the GSP fight, unless it was maybe at a different weight class, because we wanna wait for (St. Pierre),” Gracie explained in an interview on The MMA Hour.

Diaz has fought at heavier and lighter weights than his current home as a 170 pounder. While far from anything resembling a certainty, if Diaz were to take a swim in a different divisional pool it would likely be as a middleweight given his size.