All the attention might be on the UFC and FOX this weekend, but that isn’t stopping MFC and HDNet from delivering another card to the hardcore MMA fans. Coming to us live from the Mayfield Inn Trade and Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, it’s MFC 32: Bitter Rivals. As always, will provide complete results including a fight recap of all the live televised action.

The action kicks off at 10PM EST on HDNet.

MFC 32 is headlined by a light heavyweight tilt between UFC veteran Wilson Gouveia and former MFC title contender Dwayne Lewis. Also on the card is a lightweight bout between MFC champion Antonio McKee and submission stand out Brian Cobb. Plus exciting prospect Dhiego Lima takes on his toughest test to date Nathan Coy.


Brendan Kornberger def. Allen Hope via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Matt Jelly def. Garret Nybakken via Split Decision


Dan Ring vs. James Haddad

Fight Recap: Haddad dropped Ring early in the first with a right hand but then things slowed down as they spent the rest of the majority of the round in the clinch with neither man gaining a distinct advantage. Ring did a nice job scoring with short knees in the clinch, but otherwise it was just a lot of position trading. At the end of the round Haddad landed a nice flurry after they broke. The second round was a back and forth affair as both men traded takedowns and fouls. Ring was warned for hitting in the back of the head while Haddad was warned for an illegal knee on the ground. A point was taken from Haddad in the second due to the knee. Ring got a late round takedown, which could have swung the round in his favor. Ring worked for a takedown in the third but Haddad stuffed it, ended up on top, and eventually took the back of Ring. Ring did a nice job reversing Haddad though, ending up on top, and punishing Haddad with strikes from the top position. The fight ended with Ring on the back of Haddad in the standing position. Nice battle to kick off the show. Ring should win the decision and he’ll be helped thanks to the point deduction in the second.

Result: Dan Ring def. James Haddad via Majority Decision

Jamie Toney vs. Kyle Jackson

Fight Recap: Toney worked hard for a takedown and eventually got it in the first round. He went for a north-south choke and almost had it locked up but Jackson fought it off and escaped. Both guys landed their fair share of strikes on the feet, but Toney scored with another takedown at the end of the round to secure things. In the second round, Toney constantly scored with the straight right hand while Jackson really struggled to find his range. Toney rocked Jackson with an elbow but couldn’t put him away on the feet. After taking a knee to the groin, Jackson dropped Toney with a counter right off a body kick, but as he followed him down to the ground, he was immediately swept, which allowed Toney to end the round in a dominant position. Toney continued to dominate in the third round, picking apart Jackson and rocking him with a right followed by a head kick. After getting up from a takedown, Jackson rallied with a huge flurry but it was too little too late. Jackson showed a lot of toughness, but Toney ran away with this one.

Result: Jamie Toney def. Kyle Jackson via Unanimous Decision

Dhiego Lima vs. Nathan Coy

Fight Recap: Coy looked hesitant on the feet early and was rushing for the takedown. He eventually got the takedown but Lima was up quickly. Coy settled down on his feet and started landing some good shots while also mixing in the takedown, which kept Lima off balance. On the ground, Coy did a good job sticking to Lima, landing short shots, and avoiding the offensive guard of Lima. A good first round for Coy. In the second round, Coy continued to mix up his striking with his takedowns. On the ground, Coy continued to stick to Lima and do just enough work not to get stood up. Another good round for Coy. Lima made Coy pay for a takedown attempt with hammerfists in the third but Coy battled through and secured another takedown. The third round was more of the same for Coy, who dominated Lima on the ground with positioning, landed some good strikes, and avoided the submission attempts. Outstanding performance by Coy and a learning experience for Lima.

Result: Nathan Coy def. Dhiego Lima via Unanimous Decision

Ryan McGillivray vs. Diego Bautista

Fight Recap: Bautista showed some good counter striking in the first round while also avoiding the takedowns of McGillivray. McGillivray eventually got the takedown though, avoided a d’arce choke, and spent a fair amount of time in side control before Bautista finally worked his way to his feet. Close and competitive first round. In the second round, Bautistra sprawled on a takedown and quickly took the back of McGillivray. McGillivray ended up reversing Bautista, but was cut open badly from an elbow on the bottom.. McGillivray did a nice job damaging Bautista from the top position while also bleeding all over him as the round ended. Another round that Bautista won early, but McGillivray rallied late. In the third round, Bautista dropped McGillivray with a left and followed him to the ground. McGillivray regained his composure, locked on an armbar, flipped Bautista over, and got the tap. Great finish to an entertaining fight.

Result: Ryan McGillivray def. Diego Bautista via Submission Round 3 (Armbar)

Antonio McKee vs. Brian Cobb

Fight Recap: McKee came out throwing side kicks, which knocked down Cobb a couple of times in the first round. McKee also landed some good knees before suplexing Cobb down. Cobb got back up but McKee peppered him with a stiff right hand on the feet. Cobb couldn’t get anything going in the opening round. Cobb started the second round with a lot of leg kicks so McKee decided to take the fight to the ground. McKee controlled the position on the ground and did a bit of damage, but Cobb got up. Cobb stuffed a late round takedown, but otherwise it was all McKee again. In the third round, Cobb stuffed an immediate takedown and got the back of McKee. Cobb spent almost the entire round on the back of McKee looking for the rear naked choke, but couldn’t finish it. Cobb was dominant enough in the third to possible warrant a 10-8, but I’m not sure the judges will see it that way. McKee easily took the first two, so it will come down to the scoring in the third.

Result: Antonio McKee def. Brian Cobb via Unanimous Decision

Dwayne Lewis vs. Wilson Gouveia

Fight Recap: Gouveia came out throwing some good leg kicks to take away the power of Lewis. Lewis has success with kicks of his own, although there wasn’t quite as much power behind them. Not an action packed first round but Gouveia did a nice job picking his spots and staying technical in order to take the first round. Gouveia continued to target the lead leg of Lewis in the second and by the second kick, Lewis started limping badly. Gouveia continued to kick at the leg of Lewis, getting him off balance before tripping him to the mat and taking the back. Lewis got up, but Gouveia pulled guard and swept Lewis with a kimura. Gouveia once again took the back and pounded away until the ref finally stepped in to stop it. Great performance by Gouveia.

Result: Wilson Gouveia def. Dwayne Lewis via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)