2011 wasn’t a great year for Antonio McKee and 2012 isn’t off to the best of starts either. Finally making it to the UFC after going unbeaten in fifteen straight fights, McKee was released from the organization following a split decision loss to Jacob Volkmann at UFC 125. Scheduled to return to the MFC this weekend to defend his lightweight title, McKee will once again find himself unemployed and stripped of his belt no matter the outcome of Friday’s bout with Brian Cobb.

This comes after McKee failed to make 155 pounds for the title fight, instead coming in at 162 pounds. McKee vs. Cobb has been changed to a three round fight as Cobb came in at 155.6 pounds and, as per Edmonton rules, wasn’t given a second chance to make the 155 pound limit.

News of McKee’s status comes via TopMMANews.com.

The only other fighter to miss weight was James Haddad, who will be fined 20% of his fight purse. Everyone else on Friday’s MFC 32: Bitter Rivals event, which airs Friday night on HDNet, came in on point.

Complete weigh-in results:

Allen Hope (186 lbs) vs. Brendan Kornberger (184.6 lbs)
Garret Nybakken (155 lbs) vs. Matt Jelly (155 lbs)
Dan Ring (154 lbs) vs. James Haddad (158 lbs)
Jamie Toney (169 lbs) vs. Kyle Jackson (170 lbs)
Dhiego Lima (171 lbs) vs. Nathan Coy (169 lbs)
Ryan McGillivray (171 lbs) vs. Diego Bautista (170 lbs)
Antonio McKee (162 lbs) vs. Brian Cobb (155.6 lbs)
Dwayne Lewis (205 lbs) vs. Wilson Gouveia (204 lbs)