Fans are only two days away from the first official offering from the partnership between broadcasting giant FOX and the UFC, a card surpassing the companies’ tease last November between Cain Velasquez-Junior dos Santos in terms of pure depth as well as scheduled in-ring action on the popular network.

Set for Chicago this Saturday night, UFC on FOX 2 is headlined by former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans taking on unbeaten wrestling phenom Phil Davis with other featured bouts between top middleweights Demian Maia-Chris Weidman and Michael Bisping-Chael Sonnen.

Before the sextet scrap on FOX they’ll meet up this afternoon as part of a pre-fight press conference promoting the event. Things start up at 2:00 PM EST and Five Ounces of Pain will be tuned in throughout, relaying highlights and soundbytes as they unfold from the stage. UFC President Dana White is also expected to participate.

Read below to see what everyone had to say:

Rashad Evans:

– Wants to fight again ASAP after this weekend
– Has nothing against Davis personally outside of the fact they’re fighting
– Says Davis has trash-technique / Rags on his wrestling
– Banters back and forth with Davis about not wanting to fight him at UFC 133
– Feels it’s a big deal to fight in Chicago and says be brought in a bunch of friends/family
– Plans to visit Jeff Dunbar, an amateur fighter who was paralyzed in the cage after spiking his head on the mat
– “Phil can’t hit….Phil couldn’t bust a grape….Phil looking like Arsenio Hall and John Salley had a baby.”

Phil Davis:

– Respects Evans but still going to beat him
– Used to being the underdog but always comes out on top / “These are odds I’m used to.”
– Jokes that “cocaine is a helluva” drug in terms of Evans saying he’ll beat him as a wrestler / “He’ll never beat me at wrestling. Not thumb wrestling.”
– Again says Evans must be on drugs after he implies Davis didn’t want to face him in August

Michael Bisping:

– “He’s a great wrestler but I’m a great fighter.”
– Expects a fantastic response from the fans on Saturday night / “I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of energy. Whether it’s negative or positive it doesn’t matter.”

Chael Sonnen:

– Showed up with a replica title-belt
– “You’re looking at the reflection of perfection.”
– Says all he does is work
– The lack of trash-talk has to do with the short amount of time between the fight being announced and the card selling itself as is
– Compares Anderson Silva to Mike Tyson and says neither is relevant
– Didn’t watch pro wrestling but did watch boxing, says he liked “Sugar” Ray Leonard
– Not worried about fighting Silva in Brazil because he’s fighting in the Octagon

Demian Maia:

– He likes Sonnen, says he is funny and hopes to rematch with him one day to fight for a title

Chris Weidman:

– Says weight is good
– Admits he won’t be 100% ready for Maia based on the short notice
– Reveals he is comfortable on the ground with Maia given his training partners on the Serra-Longo team
– Doesn’t see it as a “win-win” situation / “I have to win this fight, in my eyes. It’s do or die for me.”
– Respects Maia’s grappling but says his focus in MMA has been mainly on BJJ since coming over from wrestling

Dana White:

– Jokes about the last show still getting nine million viewers with one minute of fighting and an hour of talking
– Says Chael is nuts if he thinks he isn’t fighting Anderson Silva with a win, not Jon Jones
– Not concerned about Chael’s safety in Brazil
– Not guaranteeing Davis getting a title shot if he wins

Mike Russow:

– Used up all his vacation time to train fully for his fight and expects a bunch of his fellow Chicago cops to be in attendance