While this weekend’s event on FOX is certainly deserving of attention, the reality is the match-up UFC fans are truly thirsting for will take place on Super Bowl Weekend when Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz duke it out at UFC 143 for the right to be called an interim champion. While the trash-talk has been minimal between the two welterweights during the build up to their bout based on mutual respect, that’s not to say each man isn’t supremely sure of himself when it comes to exiting the Octagon with a victory on February 4.

Diaz and Condit spoke about their upcoming fight in an extended preview for the PPV where the “Natural Born Killer” made it clear he feels he has an advantage over Diaz in all areas, especially when it comes to striking.

“I feel like I’m a more technical fighter than Diaz,” Condit explained when asked about how he compared to the former Strikeforce title-holder. “I have more weapons in my arsenal. I just bring some different stuff to the table.”

“He can take a good shot but can he take knees? Is he going to be able to take elbows? It’s a different when it’s a shin across your face,” he continued.

Getting word of Condit’s statements, Diaz replied, “That’s a nice thought, right? Go out there and throw some kicks and some elbows, some knees, and win the fight. Can you get that stuff off when you’re running backwards?”

While the outcome may be in question there’s no doubt Condit-Diaz should deliver a “Fight of the Year” candidate when they clash in the cage. Condit has finished 26 of the 27 opponents he’s beaten while Diaz has racked up stoppages in 21 of 26 total victories.

Check out the complete preview below: