The meteoric rise of unbeaten female fighter Ronda Rousey continued yesterday when the Strikeforce bantamweight contender appeared as a guest on G4’s Attack of the Show where she talked about her upcoming fight with champion Miesha Tate in addition to her rivalry with Cristiane Santos and an episode from her earlier days where she beat up a group of guys in a movie theater after watching Juno of all films.

The segment was capped off by Rousey flipping host Kevin Peireira over onto a mat in a demonstration of from bread-and-butter discipline, judo. However, Peireira fortunately avoided the experience of an Armbar.

“My mom liked snapping arms, actually,” Rousey joked when asked about her success on the mat. “She taught me how to Armbar things instead of giving me Barbies.”

Check out the video below: