In appears Strikeforce light heavyweight Muhammed Lawal will stray from the norm and avoid filing an appeal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission relating to a positive drug test result. However, Lawal also isn’t admitting guilt but rather pleading innocence by ignorance.

Lawal and his manager, Mike Kogan, spoke about the subject while appearing as guests on The MMA Hour where they explained their side of the situation including what they believed to be the culprit of all the controversy.

According to Lawal’s camp he used a supplement he purchased at Max Muscle called S-Mass Lean Gainer. However, as it turns out, the substance featured the very steroid – Drostanolone – found in Lawal’s system and is no longer carried by the chain of fitness stores.

“To the best of my research, this product was taken off the shelves some time in mid-2011, for exactly the same reason that we’re facing right now,” said Kogan. “Its primary and only relevant ingredient of that particular product is a substance known as Methyldrostanolone, which is basically just a pill format of Drostanolone.”

“When I went to Max Muscle, I figured you can’t buy steroids at a Max Muscle,” Lawal added. “It’s a chain store. That’s like going to a grocery store and buying something illegal there.”

Because Lawal is acknowledging he did take the drug he was popped for he is not appealing the NSAC’s finding.

“What we will file is an answer, and an answer would involve affirming their test results and providing our findings and our explanation,” relayed Kogan who remained hopeful their honesty and the context of the use would be taken into account in terms of punishment from the regulatory board.