It may not have been the consensus “Submission of the Year” but if you’re a MMA fan there’s no doubt Frank Mir’s finish of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 140 is etched into your memory. For those who have suffered some sort of massive head trauma since then, Mir locked on a Kimura and broke the Brazilian’s arm after “Minotauro” refused to tap to the technique.

While Nogueira’s intestinal fortitude was respectable it also put him on the shelf for a significant period for time in order to recover from his shattered limb. However, now that he’s undergone the necessary surgery the popular pugilist is already back to lightly working out with the pace expected to pick up in the coming months. Nogueira updated fans on his condition in an interview with TATAME where he reflected on the loss and pulled a positive out of the situation.

“I was really upset about what happened, but it wasn’t meant to be,” the 35-year old icon explained. “I had it in my hands, I saw the knockout, but I stopped and used a completely mistaken game plan. I stopped punching when I shouldn’t and I paid it with a loss.”

In terms of how his arm is doing now, Nogueira continued, “The doctor told me after six weeks I can do my cardio, but I gotta wait at least two and a half months to put impact on my arm,” adding he’s been swimming as a means of strengthening it.

“I think about fighting in the middle of the year, but I gotta be patient,” Nogueira concluded, saying he was trying to be read in time for the UFC’s rumored stop in Sao Paolo, Brazil this June. Until then he’ll continue rehabbing with the expectation his affected bones will have fully solidified by the end of February. The show is expected to feature champions Anderson Silva and Junior dos Santos in respective action with the background of 100,000 fans in a soccer stadium.