The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA.  Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

Usually fans that go to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville see a hockey team filled with hard working and consistent players but very little star power. Things weren’t that much difference when the UFC came to town this past Friday as the card was filled with a lot of hard working and consistent fighters, but very little star power. Like the Nashville Predators though, the fighters delivered a top notch performance and sent the fans home happy. The only thing different was a distinct lack of Carrie Underwood.

Lets go to the scorecard:

*Being live at the event is different. I admit I was too busy staring at Brittney Palmer during the fighter walk-outs for the first fight. EVEN

*”The Ninja of Love” Nick Denis might have the greatest nickname ever. PLUS ONE

*Denis showed Joseph Sandoval his ninja skills with some brutal elbows in the clinch. PLUS FOUR

*Pat Schilling walking out to “Shipping Up To Boston” scores points. Although the last time I was in the arena and someone used this as their walk out song, Anderson Silva went all matrix on him (Forrest Griffin). PLUS ONE

*And Daniel Pineda proves that coming out to “Shipping Up To Boston” while I’m in the building only gets you beat. Great performance by him. PLUS THREE

*Never heard of “Memories” by David Guetta until Fabricio Camoes used it as his walk out song, but I like it. PLUS ONE

*Nice battle between Camoes and Tom Hayden with a cool finishing sequence as well. PLUS FOUR

*Extra points to Camoes for not giving up on that choke. PLUS TWO

*I don’t know the song that Daniel Roberts entered to, but he wasn’t doing the tomahawk chop, so I’m taking off points. MINUS TWO

“If “Whoop A Mans Ass” isn’t an appropriate song for a fight, I don’t know what is. Good job Charlie Brenneman. PLUS TWO

*That said, he ruined his walk out by having ear buds in. MINUS ONE

*I have to give the crowd credit for yelling “HASHTAG…..BOOM!” when Brittney walked back to her seat. I, along with a few other media people, appreciated it. PLUS THREE

*Aaaaaaand Brenneman brings an action packed card to a halt. He did what he needed to do but it slowed down an event that was moving along nicely. MINUS THREE

*Also, I blame Joe Silva a bit for making the fight. Roberts was coming off 2 straight losses where he was more or less out-grappled, what did he expect would happen when he matched him against a wrestler like Brenneman? MINUS TWO

*At least Charlie recognized that he needs to start finishing fights if he wants to move up the ladder. PLUS ONE

*Kamal Shalorus came out to Johnny Cash covering “I Won’t Back Down.” I’m torn on this. I love Johnny Cash, but Tom Petty’s version is pretty untouchable. We’ll call it a wash. EVEN

*Great first round between Shalorus and Khabib Nurmagomdev. It looked like Shalorus was out of it but somehow kept moving and ended up surviving. PLUS THREE

*Strong first impression made by Nurmagomdev. Shalorus is a tough opponent and he managed to dominate the fight in his UFC debut and put him away. PLUS FOUR

*Remember when Shalorus claimed that no one could take him down? Those were the days. MINUS TWO

*I don’t really like dubstep, but I thought Jorge Rivera’s walk out song was pretty banging. PLUS TWO

*Congratulations to Rivera, who went out a winner. He’s been through a lot in his life and this is a well-deserved moment for him. PLUS FOUR

*Extra points to the crowd for giving him a nice “JORGE!” chant after the victory. PLUS THREE

*I know the people at home don’t get to see it, but the “Baba O’Reilly” montage before the main card is the most awesome thing ever. PLUS THREE

*Christian Morecraft’s walk out music made my ears bleed. MINUS TWO

*Uh oh, Pat Barry is learning a little bit of submission defense. Nice job by him escaping those bad positions. PLUS TWO

*Brutal KO win for Barry. He’s gonna be a star as long as he keeps winning. PLUS THREE

*Planking? Come on Pat. That was so 2011. MINUS TWO

*Come on Jared Papazian, “Run This Town” can only be used by Jose Aldo. He’s earned that right. MINUS TWO

*Gotta love Mike Easton and his purple Hulk shorts. PLUS ONE

*A fun scrap between Easton and Papazian. Some really good exchanges and both men got their licks in. Glad they finally put a bantamweight fight on the main card. PLUS FOUR

*While I had Papazian winning 29-28, I wasn’t too upset with the judges scores. Close fight, but I’m still gonna take away points just because the judges didn’t agree with me. MINUS TWO

*Easton dancing his way past press row was a funny sight. PLUS ONE

*You walk out to 2Pac, you get points from me Josh Neer. PLUS TWO

*”Click Click Boom” is one of the worst songs ever. Shame on you Duane Ludwig. MINUS TWO

*Sick nasty guillotine by Neer. Dude is tough as nails. PLUS FOUR

*Props to Jim Miller for coming out to “Bad Moon Rising.” A choice walk out song. PLUS TWO

*Another great fight with a quick finish. Melvin Guillard looked like he had Miller in trouble, but you can never count out Miller in a fight. He showed outstanding composure to survive and them comeback to win. PLUS SIX

*Overall UFC on FX 1 was an excellent event. Obviously being there live didn’t hurt, but there was action in almost every fight and plenty of first round finishes. PLUS EIGHT

Official Score: 54

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