Part of Ronda Rousey’s meteoric rise in 2011 from unknown former Olympian to the most popular female Mixed Martial Artist in the sport has had to do with her willingness to speak openly about her peers and chosen profession. While Rousey verbal attacks on Cristiane Santos and Miesha Tate may seem personal, and her stance on the importance of looks could appear to be aimed at insulting others, the 24-year old sees her unfiltered honesty as being part of the job rather than a means of trying to actually degrade others.

Rousey addressed the issue in a recent conversation with MMAJunkie where she revealed the motivation behind her candor.

“It’s not personal to me at all,” Rousey began. “I’m sure it’s personal to Miesha. I really think (other female fighters) should be grateful to me because they’ve gotten more press, more interviews, (and) more exposure than they ever have before in their entire careers. I don’t want to pat myself on the back too much, but a lot of it is the result of me purposefully trying to get on everybody’s nerves. So they take it personally, but I don’t.”

Given the entertainment factor involved in promoting MMA, Rousey may have a point as a number of her popular male counterparts employ the same strategy when it comes to drawing the attention of fans/media.

“I’ve had so many girl fighters come up to me and tell me they appreciate me and thank me. The only girls that seem to have a problem with me are either current champions or are former champions,” Rousey continued. “I just think they have this sense of entitlement that everyone should kiss their ass and respect them all the time…they’re not used to dealing with any kind of confrontation.”

The judoka’s next bout will come against one of those title-wearing women, Strikeforce bantamweight Tate, who Rousey has notoriously feuded with in the months before their match-up was even made. The fight will also serve as a headlining affair, again adding some weight to Rousey’s mindset when it comes to selling cards on smack-talk.

“From watching her fights, she’s a very slow and cautious fighter, and I think that the kind of pace I’m going to set is extremely outside of her comfort zone,” said Rousey of the 135-pound champion. “A lot of people don’t know that I can sustain that pace for 45 minutes if I have to. But because have gone so quickly, a lot of people are skeptical of that. I think what she’s probably going to try to do is drag the fight out…pull it into later rounds, and try to wear me down and get me in the end. But if that’s her plan, she’s got another thing coming.”

“Rowdy” Ronda is 4-0 in his career after submitting all four of the opponents she faced last year, the most memorable of which came in November when she snapped Julia Budd’s arm after Budd’s refusal to tap.