It’s ironic to an extent that two of the most anticipated weight-changes in MMA history involve a pair of current champions who many fans and media members would like to see flip-flopped despite their divisional dominance. Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo constantly field questions surrounding their futures based on being seen as undersized/oversized. While Edgar is off the hook for a few more weeks until hype starts building for his upcoming title-defense against Ben Henderson in February, Aldo is still in the wake of a recent win at UFC 142 over top contender Chad Mendes both memorable in finish and post-fight celebration.

During an interview with TATAME the phenomenal 145er spoke about the possibility of fighting as a lightweight where he, as always, deferred to his head coach as making the decision but did reveal an interesting tidbit indicating he’s been thinking about making a move for quite some time.

“I’m feeling great on the featherweight. I really wanted to test myself a while ago, since I was at WEC, but Andre (Pederneiras) knows better. I’ll fight if he wants me to, otherwise I’ll just stay here.”

Pederneiras, who heads Nova Uniao, has come out to say Aldo would fight at 155 pounds but only if given an immediate title-shot.

“The next step is to keep defending my title for a long time,” continued Aldo. “We’re achieving our goals now, I’m seeing some of my personal dreams coming true, so we gotta keep working and I’m sure we’re gonna break much more records.”

The starry-eyed 25-year old also touched on his memorable dash into the crowd after knocking Mendes out in the opening round.

“It was big, man,” Aldo exclaimed!

“Since the UFC matched us up people were being very affectionate…fans sent me messages, so I thought to myself, ‘If I win this thing, I’m gonna run to the fans.’ Thank God everything worked out, I could run. The fans liked it, everyone liked it, so it was great,” Aldo concluded before joking that it may have actually been everyone BUT the security guards.

No definite opponent has been set yet for Aldo’s next title-defense but upcoming bouts featuring Hatsu Hioki and Dustin Poirier are likely to have a significant impact on the contendership picture.