This past Friday night fans saw a new Melvin Guillard take to the Octagon against Jim Miller. While the end result of their headlining bout at UFC on FX 1 may have been all too familiar a sight, prior to the submission loss Guillard maintained his composure in the cage rather than constantly charge at his opponent. And, according to “The Young Assassin”, he also felt much more comfortable with defending submissions on the ground even though he was unable to stop Miller’s widely respected grappling attack in the end.

Guillard spoke about his loss at the post-event press conference where he discussed the fight’s finish and gave full credit to Miller for living up to his reputation on the mat.

“I’ve been working on my back escapes, and it’s crazy, but I knew exactly what to do to get him off my back but when he grabbed me, he had it tight and at that point I couldn’t do anything,” said Guillard of Miller’s Rear-Naked Choke.

“A lot of people criticize my ground game I’m not gonna sit here and think that I have the best ground game because obviously I don’t. I’ve lost fights on submissions,” the 28-year old continued before saying the defeat didn’t rub him the wrong way like his previous stumble did. “But to lose to a guy like Jim, I wasn’t emotional about this loss like I was about the (Joe) Lauzon fight because I really feel in my heart the Lauzon fight was a fluke. I had Jim hurt and I wanted to be patient and I backed off when I could’ve probably swarmed him. It could’ve been a different result. But I don’t regret anything I did tonight. I think I went in and executed my game. I fought one of the best guys in this division and I think I sent a message to a lot of guys.”

Footage of Guillard breaking down emotionally backstage after his submission loss to Lauzon was featured in a Dana White vlog chronicling UFC 136 where the match-up took place. Lauzon dropped Guillard, the vastly superior striker, in the opening moments of their bout and sunk in a RNC for the victory.

Check out what Guillard, Miller, and the rest of the UFC on FX lineup had to say at the post-event presser below: