One of the many interested onlookers in the crowd this past Friday night at UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem was none other than bantamweight star Urijah Faber, in town to enjoy the event and celebrate his New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. And, like scores of those who watched Brock Lesnar retire after his loss to Alistair Overeem, “The California Kid” was disappointed by the former champion’s decision. However, Faber’s opinion on the matter wasn’t influenced by admiration for Lesnar but rather a desire to see the hulking heavyweight become an actual Mixed Martial Artist.

“Lesnar had a long way to go,” Faber explained in an interview with the UFC shortly after UFC 141 had concluded. “It’s unfortunate that he’s stopping already and not gonna put in some more time because a great athlete, he has a strong mind, but he just needed to do more training in MMA. This isn’t the old days of MMA where you can be one dimensional.”

Though Faber did credit Lesnar for having an improved jab he appeared far from impressed by the showing as a whole.

Talk also turned to another fighter in the Faber family, albeit one whose battle was legitimately life threatening in comparison to the 32-year old’s chose profession. Faber offered an update on his sister, Michaella Faber, who was seriously injured in a November accident and whose recent brain surgery prompted him to shave his standard shaggy do.

“She had two brain surgeries, a collapsed lung, a fractured spine, was in a coma for six days and she’s already doing phenomenal…walking and talking. She just has to put her skull back in and she’ll be ready to go.”

Watch below as Faber discusses Lesnar, being a TUF coach, his love of Donald Cerrone vs. Nate Diaz, and more…