With a little more than 48 hours remaining before Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem test the Octagon’s stability in their headlining clash at UFC 141, the two heavyweights, along with co-headliners Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone plus UFC President Dana White, got together on the stage in Las Vegas today to participate in a pre-fight press conference.

As you might expect the soundbytes were a-plenty and, as always, Five Ounces of Pain was tuned in throughout to pluck out the interesting nuggets of information

Read below to see what went down:

Brock Lesnar:

*”I really don’t know anybody who really enjoys getting hit in the face.” Says he’s worked on his stand up.

*His surgery was a success and he feels 100%. “I just want to fight.”

*”I’m the underdog with a big f*ckin bite.”

*Enjoyed being an analyst on FOX but is a fighter first.

*Says that pro wrestling is fake.

*”There wasn’t much to do where I grow up. Go to the next town and scrap and steal the other guys girlfriend.”

*Is prepared for Alistair’s jiu-jitsu.

*Has tried to condition his mind to strike and has worked a lot on repetition.

Alistair Overeem:

*Looking forward to the fight and feels good.

*Isn’t surprised that he’s the favorite in the fight.

*”My goal is the UFC belt. Brock is the way. Friday I’m going to beat him.”

*Is prepared for wherever the fight may go.

*Calls Werdum the best grappler in MMA and that his conditioning suffered due to a broken foot and a broken rib.

*”He will have to stand up with me because he won’t get the takedown. Pat Barry is not my level in the stand up.”

Donald Cerrone:

*Wasn’t mentally ready in his three losses, but is over that.

*Knows Diaz will come to fight and is excited to throw down.

*Didn’t know that Diaz doesn’t want to interact or be friends with his opponents prior to the fight.

*”Mentally I’m as strong as I’ve ever been.”

*Won’t shake Nate’s hand after the fight.

*Win or lose, he wants to get back in the cage as quick as possible. “Hopefully I can fight in Japan in February.”

Nate Diaz:

*Says the altercation with Cerrone was overblown. He just walked away when Cerrone approached him and just wants to fight.

Dana White:

*Is excited for the lightweight co-main event. Says the winner is “up there” in terms of rankings.

*Calls Overeem vs. Lesnar, “the classic striker vs. wrestler fight.”

*Says Overeem could have come in and fought for the title, but that the timing didn’t work out and that Overeem didn’t want to wait around.

*Is glad to hear that Junior dos Santos is near healthy and is excited to do the heavyweight title fight in 2012.

*Says the heavyweight division would be pretty damn boring if Brock wasn’t around.

*”The more Jon Jones fights, the more we become open to doing a super fight between him and Anderson Silva.”