Since MMA’s inception, countless outsiders have viewed the sport’s participants as little more than beer-swilling, bloodthirsty thugs who are covered in tattoos and could care less about the world around them. However, more enlightened individuals understand exactly how fun-loving, insightful, and compassionate fighters truly are.

The latter group had their beliefs affirmed this week when UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber published a video of him shaving his head in support of his sister, Michaella, who was injured in a serious auto accident and recently underwent brain surgery necessitating the need to give her a buzz.

Thus far her prognosis for recovery looks good, as Faber recently pointed out that she’d been released from the hospital and would be looking at having part of her skull reattached at some point in the near future. With love and support like that received from “The California Kid”, known to her as “big brother”, there’s little doubt she’ll be back to full speed sooner than expected. It’s the Faber way.

Check out the endearing video below: