One of the biggest fights of 2011 – literally – is less than two weeks from occurring when powerful physical specimens Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem mix it up in the main event at UFC 141. Set for December 30, the card also features Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks and Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone.

Both behemoths are former champions with Lesnar having held the UFC’s belt and Overeem claiming ownership to Strikeforce, DREAM, and K-1 World Grand Prix titles. Adding to the scrap’s stakes, UFC President Dana White has also come out to state the winner of their bout will be named the division’s #1 contender and will get a crack at Junior dos Santos’ gold.

Before Lesnar and Overeem face off in person the two will duke it out over the phone this afternoon at 2:00 PM EST as participants in a conference call with media. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be on the line and reporting highlights/soundbytes back to readers as they unfold in real time.

Read below and see what both men had to say:

Brock Lesnar

– Has dealt with the same accusations as Overeem and says it’s part of being in the spotlight
– Says he’s healthy and motivated, has had plenty of time to train / “I’ve been able to work out a lot of things, you know? This is a sport you have to evolve in. You have to get better to stay on top in this organization.”
– “There definitely hasn’t been a lack of trying here. I’m excited for it and I can’t wait to get back into the Octagon.”
– “This is a dog-eat-dog division.”
– Isn’t out to make a statement in the fight; will leave that to fans/media to do after he wins
– Can only prepare for the fight and roll with the punches
– Is simply happy to feel good / “If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.”
– Sees a stoppage coming / “This is a heavyweight fight we’re both going into to finish. I don’t foresee it going five rounds.”
– Spending his holidays in Minnesota and isn’t sure when he’s going to Vegas / “It’s one day at a time here.”
– Thinks he’s a well-rounded fighter who is good at everything
– Annoyed at the questions about his health / Feels great, bottom line
– Was happy to see Junior dos Santos win and hopes he still gets the chance to fight him
– Talks about Tony Ferguson, who trains with him, as being a great kid and is really happy to see him shine
– Isn’t looking past Overeem so the title-shot is not on his mind
– Feels especially motivated in light of all the things he’s been through

Alistair Overeem

– Says the past week was hectic but he kept his focus on training, tried to keep things as plain and simple as he could / “Training, relaxing, focusing on other situations, focusing on family…”
– The drug-testing situation has not been a concern to him / “My conditioning is there, my shape is there…yeah, I’m good to go.”
– Doesn’t care about criticism and says everyone has a right to ask questions as he has the right to ignore/respond
– “I simply don’t have time to get into all these allegations. Usually they’re from the internet – from people I don’t know and have never even met.”
– Won’t talk about his training partners but says he has worked with wrestlers
– “The UFC is 100X bigger than Strikeforce…the bigger it is the better for me.”
– Admits there’s pressure on him with it being his debut but Lesnar also has pressure to perform so doesn’t see it as a disadvantage
– Is prepared for five rounds as far as conditioning goes
– “We’re aggressive…we’re fighters who want to finish fights. I’m gonna do that December 30th and I expect him to be doing that too.”
– Has dealt with distractions and setbacks before but says it’s all about adaptation and believes he’s good at that
– Plans to train for the holidays, celebrating Christmas in Holland and then flying into Las Vegas
– Did K-1 because he wanted to improve his striking more than anything else, also credits the tournament structure with hardening his mentality
– Thrilled at the opportunity to fight Brock / “It’s a dream match for the fans as well as myself.”
– Looking forward to fighting JDS after Lesnar