After taking the past couple of weeks off, MMA returns to HDNet tonight with Xtreme Fighting Championships. Coming to us live from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida it’s XFC 15: Tribute. As always will provide live coverage including full results and a fight recap of all the televised action.

The action kicks off at 9PM EST on HDNet.

XFC 15 is headlined by jiu-jitsu world champion Jonatas Novaes against knockout artist Eric Reynolds. In the co-main event, Felice Herrig takes on Carla Esparza. Plus Ultimate Fighter alumni Corey Hill and Charlie Radar will square off as well.

Marlon Moraes vs. Chris Manuel

Fight Recap: The first round was all on the feet with Moraes getting the better of things. He was throwing crisp combinations, mixing things up, and putting 3-4 strikes together while Manuel was one and done. The second round was more of the same with the only difference being that Moraes seemed to land harder strikes, backing Manuel up and putting him off balance a couple of times. The third round was another dominating round for Moraes, although he did slow down the pace a bit, leading to some booing from the crowd. Should be a clean sweep for Moraes, who was clearly the better fighter between the two.

Result: Marlon Moraes def. Chris Manuel via Unanimous Decision

John Kolosci vs. Ryan Thomas

Fight Recap: Thomas goes an early takedown and roughed up Kolosci on the ground with strikes. Every time Kolosci tried to get to his feet, Thomas would make him pay with knees, forcing Kolosci back down to the mat. Thomas got the back with under a minute left and locked up a backside triangle choke for the victory with just 14 seconds left in the round. Great submission finish to cap off a dominant performance by Thomas.

Result: Ryan Thomas def. John Kolosci via Submission Round 1 (Reverse Triangle Choke)

Brandon Sayles vs. Imani Lee

Fight Recap: Sayles walked forward the entire fight, threw punches, and Lee did nothing but move straight back and cover up. After hurting Lee a couple of times on the feet, Sayles scored a takedown, immediately moved to mount, and pounded on Lee until the ref finally stopped it. This was 2 super heavyweights and one showed up to fight, the other didn’t.

Result: Brandon Sayles def. Imani Lee via Verbal Submission Round 1 (Punches)

Corey Hill vs. Charlie Rader

Fight Recap: Hill got an early takedown and roughed up Radar on the ground with some very tight elbows and threw in some knees to the body for good measure. On the scramble, Hill locked up a d’arce choke, rolled, and forced Radar to tap out. Good performance by Hill

Result: Corey Hill def. Charlie Radar via Submission Round 1 (D’Arce Choke)

Denis Hernandez vs. Nick Newell

Fight Recap: Newell only has one hand. He got an early takedown, landed some ground and pound, dropped back for a heel hook, locked it in, and forced Hernandez to tap out. Newell locked up the heel hook with the arm with no hand, which actually turned out to be an advantage because of how his arm is designed.

Result: Nick Newell def. Denis Hernandez via Submission Round 1 (Heel Hook)

Carla Esparza vs. Felice Herrig

Fight Recap: Esparza dominated the first round. She got an early takedown and worked very hard to keep it. Once on the ground, she pounded away on Herrigg with strikes and almost finished with an armbar at the end of the round. Herring developed a huge hematoma on her forehead from the punishment. In the second round, Herrig got a takedown into mount but Esparza rolled her over and stayed in guard for pretty much the entire round. Herrig tried to mount an offensive game from her back but Esparza shut her down and grinded out the round. Esparza got another quick takedown in the third, achieved the mounted crucifix position, and dropped some big elbows. Herrig almost locked up an inverted triangle but Esparza escaped and got back on top. Good fight, especially the third round. Esparza should take the decision.

Result: Carla Esparza def. Felice Herrig via Unanimous Decision

Eric Reynolds vs. Jonatas Novaes

Fight Recap: Novaes got some easy takedowns early in the first and achieved mount each time. Novaes kept looking for the armbar and had it on tight on time but Reynolds somehow escaped and survived the round. Novaes once again started the second round landing some takedowns but Reynolds continued to play good submission defense and Novaes burned himself out. Reynold finally got it standing against a gassed Novaes and peppered him strikes. Novaes constantly flopped to his back and Reynolds pounded on him on the ground. Novaes was saved by the bell in the second. The third round was all Reynolds until the very end. A tired Novaes kept going for takedowns, failing, and flopping to his back. At the end of the round though. Novaes finally got a takedown and ended up in mount. Close fight that will depend on how the second round was scored. Reynolds should take the decision though.

Result: Eric Reynolds def. Jonatas Novaes via Unanimous Decision