The 5 OZ Submission is back with another great giveaway focused on hooking someone in our audience up with some free swag!

This time around we have a Matt Hamill Prize Pack for one lucky reader including a shirt from TapouT and some additional material related to the recently released biography “The Hammer,” a movie receiving critical acclaim at numerous film festivals chronicling the highs and lows of Hamill’s life.

To be eligible for the drawing, interested parties need to submit a paragraph involving a story about overcoming adversity whether in your own life or that of someone you know. We are only looking for a few sentences so please understand there is no need to write a novel – just a paragraph.

UPDATE: We have been able to procure four additional Prize Packs so the contest is being extended. The entries have been fantastic so far by the way! Additionally, even if you don’t have a personal story to share or have sent something in already and want to increase your odds of winning, you can also get your name in the drawing by posting a 5 OZ link in a forum (then emailing in evidence), by liking us on Facebook, or all of the above.

Send your entry to “[email protected]” and we’ll randomly select a winner from the bunch. Submissions must be received no later than midnight on November 19.

Also, make sure to check out “The Hammer” if it’s showing in your area or when it shows up on DVD in a few months. It’s a movie not only MMA fans will love but people who appreciate an underdog overcoming the odds to achieve his dreams.

The 35-year old Hamill, who has recently stepped away from competition to focus on things in his personal life, compiled a 10-4 record in his MMA career as the only deaf athlete to ever grace the Octagon. He racked up a number of impressive wins during his run in the famous eight-sided cage including those over Mark Munoz, Keith Jardine, and Tito Ortiz.