Before Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez clock in on the scale for the UFC on FOX 1 weigh-ins a pair of other highly-touted heavyweights will take to the stage in the form of UFC 141’s headlining duo of Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem.

Both behemoths were on hand to take part in a press conference related to their December 30 dance a few hours before the group gathered for tomorrow night’s debut on network television make things official by hitting their weight-related marks. As always, Five Ounces of Pain was be tuned in to relay interesting highlights back to readers.

Read below to see what both men had to say about the UFC’s recent announcement regarding the winner of their bout being named top contender to the heavyweight championship, how they envision things unfolding over New Year’s Eve Weekend, and the other topics that came up during the discussion.

Brock Lesnar:

– Felt like his old self “about six hours” after his surgery
– Never concerned his career might be over
– “I’m back and I feel good!”
– Says it’s an honor to get in the Octagon to kick the ass of someone like Overeem
– Lesnar flexes when asked about his weight / Says he weights about 278 pounds
– Has no problem with Overeem training at Xtreme Couture even though he’s trained with Randy Couture himself
– Picks Velasquez to beat Dos Santos
– Jokes he and Dos Santos are BFFs after having coached TUF together, then asks, “Seriously?”
– Would slow the pace down a little if/when he fights Velasquez again instead of “running and gunning” at the start

Alistair Overeem:

– Starts out talking about his injured rib and is “very happy, very proud” to have joined the UFC family
– Is too busy training to catch the horses whose meat he eats
– Not sure if he’ll stay at Xtreme Couture but is happy with the camp so far
– Thinks his experience will factor into the fight / “I’m gonna tear this guy apart piece by piece.”
– Was offered a title-shot right away but didn’t want to wait for it
– Picks Velasquez to beat Dos Santos
– Has maintained his regular training regiment and says Lesnar’s style is pretty straight forward

Dana White:

– Pumped about the heavyweight fights lined up over the next month
– Is not worried about the event being on a Friday night rather than a Saturday