In less than a week history will be made in Anaheim as the UFC debuts on network television and what an unveiling they’ve planned! Sandwiched between pre/post-fight analysis and coupled with coverage on a number of FOX outlets, UFC on FOX: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos is poised to wow new and old fans this Saturday night when undefeated heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez defends his title against Brazilian striker Junior dos Santos.

Before the two talented competitors take to the Octagon they will take to the stage later today as part of a press conference related to the epic event. Joining them will be UFC President Dana White.

As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be tuned in throughout and relaying highlights back as they unfold in real time starting at approximately 4:00 PM EST.

Read below and see what all of the involved parties have to say:

Cain Velasquez:

*Feel like this is just another fight and is just excited to get back into the octagon after the layoff.

*Tells the fans that they can expect a great fight because both of them move forward and never have boring fights.

*Has no problem fighting bigger guys because he’s done so his whole life with wrestling. Just uses the tools that he has.

*Thanks all his Mexican fans for their support. Is happy to represent them because they are hard working people.

*Expects the fight to go everywhere.

*Is training for a five round fight and thinks it will be a five round war.

Junior dos Santos:

*Feels no pressure in this bout.

*Calls Cain the #1 heavyweight, but wants to change that on Saturday.

*Says the smaller heavyweights use their speed to make up for their strength against the bigger guys.

*Knows people are going to be rooting for Cain in the building but also knows that fans all over the world will be rooting for him.

*Will try and keep the fight standing. “If the fight stays standing, I will try to knock him out.”

*Doesn’t think the fight will go five rounds.

Dana White

*Says it’s great that both men are healthy and believes that this is the biggest fight in UFC history.

*Expects more athletes to compete in MMA rather than other sports.

*Says Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar 1 put the company on the map, but no one knew it would turn out like that. Says the company was much more fortunate this time because he was able to pick the fight he thought would deliver. “Give me the entire roster, everyone healthy, and I’d still pick this fight for FOX.”

*Is proud that the fighters are finally on the level of the NFL and MLB players now that they’re on FOX.

*Is trying to get the distribution rights to air this fight everywhere.

*Doesn’t think Simon Cowell would be interested in judging, but thinks he might be better than some of the judges and refs they currently have.

*Just hopes the fight goes one round, but doesn’t expect it to go five.

*Believes people will be staying home to watch Velasquez/Dos Santos and then tune in to watch Pacquiao/Marquez.

*Says the FOX deal was the perfect deal and that it’s a great relationship.