Krzysztof Soszynski is heading back to Canada on December 10 when he meets Igor Pokrajac at UFC 140.

Growing up in Canada, Soszynski is no stranger to our neighbors to the north. In fact, during his UFC career he’s pretty comfortable fighting in Canada as he’s 2-0 in the great white north, picking up a Submission of the Night bonus as well.

“I love going back to Canada. I had a chance to fight in Montreal and my last fight was in Vancouver and now I get to go to Toronto,” said Soszynski in an exclusive interview with Five Ounces of Pain, “I was there for the first event in Toronto and that was an amazing experience and I know that even though this is a smaller venue the fans are going to pack the house.”

Currently on a two fight win streak, Soszynski is hoping to put on a performance when he steps inside the octagon on December. In his last fight against Mike Massenzio at UFC 113, the Ultimate Fighter alum was very disappointed with how the fight went. He doesn’t blame himself though.

“I was mad because I wanted to have a fun fight for the fans and the UFC and one fighter didn’t want to fight and just wanted a spot in the company. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the finish but I got the W, which was great because I was coming off a lot of injuries and it made it two fights in a row for me.

“I watched Massenzio in his last fight against Steve Cantwell and he went to war and I wasn’t sure if that was the real Massenzio or what cause when I fought him he didn’t really throw a punch.”

Against Pokrajac, Krzysztof is expecting a much more fan-friendly fight saying, “He’s very tough, reminds me a bit of Stephan Bonnar. Good hands but I think his wrestling is his weakness but his ground game is good and getting better. It’s going to be a fun fight.”

Of course fans still remember the two wars Soszynski had with Bonnar. Their bout at UFC 116 earned the duo Fight of the Night honors.

If you watch “The Polish Expierment” fight, you’ll definitely hear Mike Goldberg mention how much he loves to use the Kimura. Soszynski not only refers to the submission hold as, “his baby” he goes on to say, “That’s the first submission I ever learned and I think I’ve mastered it and I catch a lot of training partners with it on a daily basis during our training sessions. It’s something I look for in every position. Even in mount I look for it or if I can use it to sweep.”

Soszynski has a child he spends time with outside of the Octagon, a young son whose dad is cool enough to take him to hockey games when he’s not in the gym. The return of the Winnipeg Jets to the NHL has put hockey back in Soszynski’s life and taken him back to when he was a child as well.

“I took my son to a preseason game. I missed the home opener because of training,” said Krzysztof “I was one of the guys who grew up watching the Winnipeg Jets and I actually worked at the Winnipeg arena selling popcorn and Pepsi and I did that for about five years. I was there through the good times and bad times. It is nice to see them back and the crowd is amazing.”


Always comfortable in Canada, expect Soszynski to walk into the octagon smiling and walk out with that same smile on his face on December 10.