UFC 137 will be remembered by fans for numerous reasons but none more prevalent than the all-out war between headliners Nick Diaz and B.J. Penn. From the moment the main event match-up was made it had the makings of one of 2011’s top tussles and delivered in full with both welterweights leaving it all inside the Octagon, Diaz’s fluidity on his feet ultimately making the difference in earning the judges’ favor.

The bout was also marked by the possible retirement of former double-divisional champion Penn who said he was focusing on his family in the future after being shown he can’t compete at the highest level. However, the proud Hawaiian is known for being emotional and nearly called it quits after his fight with Jon Fitch earlier this year.

Were that not enough, Diaz’s profanity-laden rant after having his hand raised was enough to light a fire under Georges St. Pierre’s typically cool exterior to the point the Canadian urged his superiors to book the two of them in a bout as had originally been planned for last night’s event and they obliged.

Now the UFC has offered a look at the moments leading up to their classic clash including access to Diaz and Penn before the pre-event press conference, as well as during and after their shoving contest at the weigh-ins.

“B.J. kinda came up a little hard, was looking and trying to get in the soul of Nick, and one thing I’ve learned (is) you don’t out-crazy Nick,” Cesar Gracie explained of his prize pupil before pointing to the fact Diaz, like Penn, is a fighter at his core and it boiled over for both of them in that moment.

Diaz is also seen discussing his return to the UFC, saying, “I expected to be back here in the UFC fighting. I expected to come back and fight for the title. I don’t like to come out and say I’m the baddest…I’m the best. I try to train hard so people will try to recognize that sort of thing but nobody understands when you do that. If I’m not hitting a tire or pushing a car or something crazy it’s not the same to people.”

Another highlight involves Diaz’s sarcastic reply to Dana White after the UFC President kids him about making a media-related event.

Check out the entire video below: