It’s been a couple of weeks but the octagon is back on television. Kicking off a string of four straight events, from the fight capital of the world in Las Vegas, it’s UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz. As always Five Ounces of Pain will provide complete results including a round by round recap of all the live televised action.

The action kicks off at 6:15PM EST with the preliminary fights on Facebook. Then at 8PM EST there are two more prelim fights on SpikeTV. Finally, the main card goes live at 9PM EST on PPV.

UFC 137 is headlined by a welterweight showdown between former two division UFC champion BJ Penn scrapping against former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz. The co-main event features heavyweight KO artists Cheick Kongo battling Matt Mitrione. Also on the card is another heavyweight showdown between MMA legend Mirko Filipovic and Roy Nelson along with the UFC debut of top featherweight Hatsu Hioki against George Roop.


Clifford Starks def. Dustin Jacoby via Unanimous Decision
Francis Carmont def. Chris Camozzi via Unanimous Decision
Ramsey Nijem def. Danny Downes via Unanimous Decision
Brandon Vera def. Eliot Marshall via Unanimous Decision


Bart Paleszewski vs. Tyson Griffin

Round One: Things started off slow with both men feeling each other out and trying to find their range. Then Paleszewski landed a left hook that stumbled Griffin. Paleszewski followed up with a flurry of punches as Griffin was stuck against the cage and Griffin eventually went out. Great finish by Paleszewski with a flurry that reminded me of Liddell vs. Ortiz at UFC 47.

Result: Bart Paleszewski def. Tyson Griffin via KO Round 1 (Punches)

Dennis Siver vs. Donald Cerrone

Round One: Cerrone came out firing kicks to the body and head. Cerrone wobbled Siver with a head kick and made him do the chicken dance but Siver clinched in order to recover. A right hand by Cerrone dropped Siver and Cerrone immediately got the back and locked up the rear naked choke for the victory. Great performance by Cerrone.

Result: Donald Cerrone def. Dennis Siver via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)


Hatsu Hioki vs. George Roop

Round One: Roop came out quickly with his strikes, landing a good right hand and lead head kick. Hioki looked for a takedown but Roop did a great job fighting it off. Hioki controlled the clinch and eventually got a takedown into side control with a minute left in the round. Roop got to his feet without taking any damage and then landed a quick combo as the round ended. Close round. Roop did more damage but Hioki had the better positions and had more control. Since I score on damage, I’ll give the round 10-9 to Roop.

Round Two: Roop started the round strong with his striking but Hioki was able to duck under, get a clinch, and get the takedown into mount. Hioki stayed in the mount for almost 3 minutes but didn’t do a ton of damage and didn’t try for any submissions. Roop was able to escape with just seconds left and started unleashing strikes but Hioki avoided most of them. Hioki had mount for over three minutes, so that gives him the round 10-9.

Round Three: Roop opened the round with a takedown but Hioki immediately got up. Things slowed down in the clinch, with Roop pressing Hioki against the cage. Roop scored with another takedown and this time managed to keep Hioki on his back. Hioki tried to attack off his back but Roop shut him down and stayed on top the rest of the round. Pretty lackluster fight. I think Roop won the last round and the scoring will likely come down to the first round. I have it 29-28 for Roop.

Result: Hatsu Hioki def. George Roop via Split Decision

Scott Jorgensen vs. Jeff Curran

Round One: Curran did well early in the round with the jab but Jorgensen scored with a takedown. Curran stayed active off his back with strikes and submission/sweep threats but Jorgensen countered with strikes of his own from inside the guard. The ref stood them up but Jorgensen put Curran right back down and remained on top to end the round. Jorgensen had top control pretty much the entire round, but Curran remained active. That said, based on the top control, Jorgensen will take the round 10-9.

Round Two: Jorgensen went for an early takedown and after some hard work, he eventually got it. Curran threatened with a guillotine but Jorgensen escaped. Back on the feet, Jorgensen once again got a takedown but still couldn’t get anything going against Curran and his guard. Curran tried a sweep, Jorgensen blocked it, and it led to Curran ended the round on top in a sprawl position. Close round but again Jorgensen spent the majority of the round on top and in control. 10-9 for Jorgensen.

Round Three: The first half of the third round was all on the feet with Curran landing the better strikes, although he seemed to get his nosed busted in the middle of an exchange. Jorgensen decided to slow things down and initiate a clinch but Curran stayed on his feet and spun away. Curran continued to get the better of the things on the feet but went for a late round takedown, which was stuffed, allowing Jorgensen to end the round on top. Another close round but Curran landed the better punches and since the majority of the round was on the feet, I think Curran got the round. That said, I have Jorgensen winning 29-28.

Result: Scott Jorgensen def. Jeff Curran via Unanimous Decision

Roy Nelson vs. Mirko Cro Cop

Round One: Nelson couldn’t find the overhand right early, so he decided to take things to the ground. Nelson landed some short punches but Mirko got up without taking too much damage. Mirko landed some good left hooks and Nelson responded with the over hand right. Mitrko kept landing the straight left but Nelson pressed forward and got a few short left hooks in of his own. Pretty solid round for both guys. Mirko did more damage on the feet and slightly won the round 10-9.

Round Two: Nelson rocked Mirko with a right hand early but Mirko fired back with a left that rocked Nelson. Mirko has Nelson pinned against the cage and was unloading with a flurry of punches but Nelson covered well and managed to survive. Mirko went for the left head kick but Nelson blocked it. Nelson clinched and got a takedown, where he moved right to side control. Nelson eventually got the crucifix position and rained down a series of punches and elbows but time expired before he could finish him. Good ending to the round for Nelson and definitely enough to make it 10-9 in his favor after Mirko’s start.

Round Three: A slow start to the round but Nelson connected with the right hand and then a left, which had Mirko going for a takedown. Nelson easily sprawled, took the back, flattened out Mirko, and pounded him out with a couple of punches.

Result: Roy Nelson def. Mirko Cro Cop via TKO Round 3 (Punches)

Cheick Kongo vs. Matt Mitrione

Round One: A slow start to the round turns even slower when the two clinch. Kongo controls things but does no damage and the ref eventually breaks them. Kongo landed a couple of good kicks but really nothing happened in the first round. I’ll give it to Kongo based on the fact that he at least landed a strike. 10-9 for Kongo.

Round Two: Mitrione landed a good left to start but Kongo came right back with a series of good leg kicks. Kongo landed a decent flurry and Mitrione came back with a good left. Mitrione was the aggressor but wasn’t throwing quite enough. That said, Kongo wasn’t landing many of his counters. Mitrione finished the round with a quick flurry. Another pretty lackluster round but Mitrione was the more aggressive fighter and seemed to do more damage, so I’ll give him the round 10-9.

Round Three: Kongo got an early takedown after a good combo, fended off a leg lock, and ended up taking the back of Mitrione. Kongo landed some good ground and pound before Mitrione could get up. Kongo kept him against the cage in the clinch though before getting another takedown. Kongo continued to unleash some heavy ground and pound from the half guard as Mitrione couldn’t get up. Kongo ended the round on the back of Mitrione, landing some heavy punches. Easily the most decisive round of the right and it goes to Kongo 10-9. I have Kongo winning 29-28.

Result: Cheick Kongo def. Matt Mitrione via Unanimous Decision

BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz

Round One: Penn opens with a quick combo that has Diaz clinching. Good knees in the clinch by Diaz before they break. Diaz using his reach well and Penn countering. Penn scored with a takedown and got the back on a scramble but Diaz escaped to side control. Diaz got to his feet without taking much damage. Penn showing good head movement and counter punching but Diaz is tagging Penn with the end of his punches. Good round and the two brush shoulders after the bell. Diaz did well with his striking but Penn landed the harder punches and had a couple of dominant positions on the ground, which gives him the round 10-9.

Round Two: Diaz drops his hands and slaps at Penn to start the round. Penn responds with a quick combo. Diaz pushes Penn against the cage and lands some short punches. Diaz stuffs a takedown and makes Penn pay with a series of good body shots. Penn seems to be slowing as Diaz continues to pepper him with punches to the head and body. Diaz unleashing a series of punches and Penn seems very hurt. Diaz is keeping Penn against the cage and is just pouring it on with punches to the head and body. Absolutely dominant round for Diaz. I’m only going 10-9 but it could easily be a 10-8 round for Nick.

Round Three: Penn’s face is busted up to start this round. Diaz picks up where he left off in round two, peppering Penn with a series of punches. Penn actually firing back in this round and landing some good strikes. Penn making a round out of it with his punching but Diaz is landing with more volume. Diaz continues to just pour it on as the round winds down. Penn tries to fire back but Diaz again out-lands him. Great round of action but Diaz once again took it to Penn and should win the decision 29-28.

Result: Nick Diaz def. BJ Penn via Unanimous Decision