The scene was set for Mark Hominick at UFC 129. A Canadian native, Hominick would compete in his hometown, on the biggest stage in MMA history, and take the title away from dominant champion Jose Aldo. It would have been the perfect story, if not for the Brazilian champion.

Hominick suffered his first loss after five straight wins in that April bout. Three and a half months later, Hominick suffered another, much more tragic loss when his long-time trainer and friend Shawn Tompkins passed away.

It was a few rough months for “The Machine” but with a December challenge in the form of Chan Sung Jung, Hominick is ready to get back to action at UFC 140.

“I just want to go out there and destroy (Jung), and make a statement with the fight.” Hominck said in an exclusive conversation with Five Ounces of Pain “I want to go out there and show the fans that I’m still here and that I’m going to be a contender in this division for a long time. I’m gonna climb my way back until I get a title shot and get the belt around my waist.”

Without Tompkins in his corner for the first time in years, Hominick will look to draw strength from his former coach and friend.

“We’re going to miss his leadership and guidance. We’re trying to rally around each other but it’s going to be a big void without him,” the 29-year old explained.

“As a core unit, it’s made the team stronger,” he continued. “We’ve always had the Adrenaline training center so we’ve always done our day to day camp there with the staff there, we would just head to Vegas for the last five weeks to train with Shawn and have him in the corner.”

A staple of Team Tompkins technical striking has always been the left hook to the body, which just happens to be Hominick’s favorite strike to throw. He’ll need to keep things technical against “The Korean Zombie” a striker known for his brawling style. Hominick looks to do just that when the two meet on December 10.

“He’s more of a brawling type and the way to beat that is to be technical, which is what I do.,” said Hominick. “I never think about getting into a brawl. I like to keep it on the feet but I do with it speed and technique.”

Besides his technique, Hominick is hoping that his experience will help him overcome the relentless attack of “The Korean Zombie.” Having fought in the co-main event at UFC 129, which did a record attendance of 55,724 fans and 800,000 buys on PPV, the 20-9 featherweight has dealt with the pressure of fighting on a big stage before.

Regarding the match-up’s magnitude, Hominick said, “I understand what it takes to be at the top and the added pressure. Just the schedule leading up. Not just the training, but the media and the attention that comes with the fight. I understand that there’s a lot more to the job then just training every day.”

Due to their two styles and ability to produce exciting fights, Hominick vs. Jung is a fight that the fans ever since both men last stepped foot in the octagon. Jung took to twitter and asked for the fight shortly after Hominick’s loss to Aldo, and Hominick had no problem stepping up to the plate.

“I wanted to fight a name fight and solidify my spot as a top contender. Everyone knows the Korean Zombie,” stated the former title contender. “He’s coming off the submission of the year against Leonard Garcia and the fans know him and his style. He comes to fight every time. This is going to be a fan friendly fight that we both wanted. He called me out first and I gladly accepted.”